Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Random Shit Tuesday

Workout: 2 jogged miles at 9:30 average, one barefoot, 15 minutes on the erg

Welcome to Random Shit Tuesday, where we shoot the random shit!

  • I did today's run around my favorite ice rink. Not gonna lie, there was some shin pain, but it wasn't too bad. The two miles were over in two seconds (I'm that fast) and I desperately wanted to keep going, but I decided to be smart and go relive my crew days instead.
The Sleeping Lady just keeps on sleeping, now with snow!
  • I seem to have adjusted well to Anchorage's colder temps. 31 is warm! As you may be able to deduce, my parents are in Fresno, which sounds just about as fun as Spring Break at a Disneyland kiddie pool.

  • There's been this weird frozen mist taking over Anchorage (like that Stephen King book!), which for some reason seems to have ruined everyone's cell service but also led to some pretty awesome crystallization.

Cool, right?!

  • I've been logging a ton of addresses at work recently (I have a glamorous job) and I never realized just how little I know about the rest of Alaska. There are some cool city names out there I had never even heard of before! Some of my favorites include: Anaktuvuk, Chuathbaluk, Koyukuk, Mekoryuk, New Stuyahok, Pilot Station, Quinhagak, Shishmaref, and, of course, Unalaska. So cool, right? Y'all New Englanders can have all your _____fields, and your New ______s, and your ______havens. Alaska wins.
  • Do you ever go to a public bathroom and wonder what you're supposed to do with your gloves? Like, you might not have enough space in your bag or pocket, and you don't want to set them down on anything. Well, I found a sick (sick as in both cool and disgusting) solution:
This only works if your gloves have magnets in them, so I guess this is more a solution for me and not you.

On that shitty note, we conclude this week's Random Shit Tuesday. Tell me your shit if you want.


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