Thursday, November 22, 2012

Less Holiday Talk, Please

Workout: 2.5 jogged miles around my boring neighborhood

While reading blogs this morning I decided there's nothing worse than reading about holidays. Unless it's Christmas and someone gave you a puppy you want to show me, I don't care. At all. It may just be my anti-food bias (why are people so interested in what other people eat?), or maybe I just don't know what interesting is. Probably the latter. I will say that I've been a Thanksgiving refugee on the East Coast for seven years and am glad to be spending it with my family this year. And with that we conclude our holiday talk.

I was going to go somewhere exciting for today's run, but I just wasn't feeling it. 2.5 miles isn't really worth the gas. Instead I ran around my neighborhood and it was lame. Neighborhoods are boring and mine is hilly, which means if I want to do a flat, easy run I'm confined to two cul-de-sacs that are approximately a quarter mile. You would think that would be more interesting than a hockey rink that's only a tenth of a mile around, but it's really not.

I wore my new tiny Yaktrax, which worked really well. They make such a satisfying crunch every time you take a step.

I decided not to run with music so I could reflect on life or whatever, but that was dumb. I know I've got tons to be thankful for, and I didn't need to torture myself on a run in a boring place without music to realize it. If anything, it made me less thankful for my neighborhood.

My stats:

My legs actually felt pretty tired on this run. Since I started my buddy Hal's plan, my mileage has been really low and I've felt strong on each and every run. They've been great. I didn't really do anything extra this week, but I guess all the hiking and cross training I've been doing kind of caught up with me. I was actually happy for that, though, because I keep thinking about how I must not be getting any stronger since my body is never tired. When I was marathon training, my legs were always tired. I knew I was kicking my body's ass and I felt awesome. Not so much recently. But today showed me that I haven't just been vegetating.

Speaking of vegetating, I'm going to go do some. A lot, actually. I may not like reading about holidays, but I really do love celebrating them. Have fun, kids.


  1. Haha, this made me laugh. I kind of get tired of reading about the holidays, too!!

    1. Why thanks! I read a few people's posts on the holiday but quickly realized I just could not focus so just gave it up.