Monday, November 12, 2012

Pump-Up Songs

Workout: 3 jogged miles, 9:40 average

I didn't make it up to my beloved Powerline because I figured those assholes would be there, plus I didn't really want to use a ton of time to get my workout in (so much FNL to watch! And, okay, a lecture I want to go to later), so I ran along the scenic road to school. It was quite pleasant.

The plan was to keep things really slow, but then ni**as in Paris came on and it was all over. I'm convinced that song could bring me back from the brink of hell. It is SO. AWESOME. Come, on "Doctors say I'm the illest, cuz I'm sufferin' from realness?" Or that Mary Kate and Ashley line? Song's the best. It only took me a year and a half more than everyone else to realize that. Other songs that pump me up no matter how shitty I feel? Teenage Dream (Katy Perry) and Rude Boy (Rihanna). I fully realize I have the musical sophistication of a 15-year-old boy. I'll take it.

I confuse the lap and the stop buttons every. single. time. Consistent speeds are not my forte.

Short but sweet. I was actually kind of sore, maybe from THE CORE? Dunno.

No work today! Thanks, all you vets, for the amazing work you do, and for allowing me to sleep in this morning. It was great.


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