Monday, November 5, 2012

Chilly Trip to Powerline

Workout: 3 miles jogged on Powerline

I finally got to run! Today was day one of Operation: Don't Be Dumb, where I attempt to run more than no miles per week and hopefully avoid the shin problems I've been having. Today was a success - no pain! No physical pain, at least. Plenty of headache.

I've always had a complex about wearing hats, and this is why. Sometimes you just have to suck it up. That is a bag of cheese in my pocket because Bailey is spoiled.

I usually have Powerline almost completely to myself, but today I had to share it with approximately seven billion tiny snotty high school cross country skiers. It was hell. First off, I had to keep Bailey on a leash the entire time to keep her from getting run over, which meant I had to hold the damn leash (hey, it's the heavy kind!) and that she couldn't run out all of her energy.

Worse than that, these kids thought they owned the place and were totally ungrateful for the fact that every time they skied by and TOOK UP THE ENTIRE PATH, I stopped running and moved over into deep snow until they had moved on. It was a huge pain in the ass and only one skier even acknowledged me (thank you, young sir. You obviously have nice parents). Even their coach sucked. It was a bad group. I'm going to be pissed if this becomes a normal thing. I'm hoping they were only up there because the rest of Anchorage doesn't have as much snow yet and not because they want to ruin my life.

The other headache came from the crow orgy (massacre?) taking place down in the valley. By the sound of it, they were gathered by the dozen. There was so much shrieking coming from over there I thought it was my family having a sit-down dinner. Compared to those pretweens, though, this was fine. Soothing, even.

So how was running? Swell! I wasn't fast or anything, but it got my heart rate up (those little dipshits helped with this, I'm sure) and I put in a solid effort. It's quite difficult running in snow, which is part of the reason I went up there. If I can't run as far as I'd like, I can at least make it more challenging than your usual three miles. My pace actually wasn't bad, considering. The differences between average pace and average moving pace are due to those knucklehead beliebers (that generation's called the beliebers, right?).

I most definitely could have kept running, but I'm trying to be smart about all this so I started walking at three miles. I walked the two miles back to my car and saw some crazy beautiful stuff happening with the sky.

This was taken from my car and sucks so much, but it captures the colors pretty well.

Not gonna lie, it was a cold two miles. I was wearing the right amount of clothing for running, but not for walking. It was something like 15 degrees outside and got colder as the sun started going down (because it does that now - at 4:00 p.m. How... great). I think the key to dealing with cold is to not panic. I was really cold, yes, but I knew I would be at my car in a half hour or so and then I'd be fine. And I was! Next time, though, an extra jacket would probably be more useful than my astonishing ability to delude myself.


If I had to give today a theme, it would be crows. Here's today's Anchorage-y photo:


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