Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jeano's Box Cake Factory

Workout: 15 miles (!!), 10:19 average, Connects

Somehow, aided by optimism and a mercifully poor memory that forgot what 10+ miles feels like, I survived 15 miles today. Yep. That's the longest run that's happened 'round these parts in quite some time (by five miles!). Why did those schizo Hansons decide to jump from 10 to 15 miles? Search me, but I somehow managed to pull it off. Not only that, but I'd say it went rather well!

So, fuel. After staring blankly at REI's offerings for a full 10 minutes or so, I grabbed a bunch of things, largely at random. I was really hoping to find something salty/savory because after one run three weeks ago, I'm totally over sweet and sugary energy things. Unfortunately, REI seemed to have nothing but sweet and sugary, so I reluctantly chose things that seemed semi-edible.

[Side note: does anyone have suggestions for savory things? I know Logan went the chips route for a run last week, and while that sounds like something I'd usually be all over, it seems too ultra-y (aka out of my league). I'm looking for something that packages itself as running fuel and charges me a premium for something I could make in two seconds for a fraction of the price]

For the run itself, I opted for some sports beans (WHICH ARE ACTUALLY MADE BY JELLY BELLY. What?) and a Honey Stinger gel whose flavor was mysteriously called "Golden" (I correctly assumed this meant honey, unless they're all honey? Honey Stinger?). I gotta say, that honey gooeyness was pretty awesome. I'm kicking myself for not buying more, and for picking up two packs of margarita-flavored Shotbloks, which used to be my go-to but now make me want to vomit. Why don't you learn, Jeano?! If I can't find something savory, I'll probably go for those from now on.

Most of my run happened on familiar territory

but I took a turn into crazytown when I stumbled upon a road that wound through an airplane graveyard. Or, I guess, zoo, as they're all in operation.

This does a very poor job of showing you all the airplanes, but at least they're airplanes!

I didn't have a hard time keeping my splits where I wanted them, although I admit I turned music on for the last five miles. It was Mumford & Sons, though, so, like, not pump-up music. I could have done all 15 sans music, but I just didn't feel like it.

15 miles on the books! Next week I only have to do 10 (although the weekly mileage is similar), so I've got a couple of weeks to gear up for the next long run (16 miles, I believe?). Bring it.


I finally signed up for the marathon I'm training for!

I really wish the confirmation page was more exciting than this.

I had to wait until my finances were in a better place, but now that Norway's behind me (I was afraid I'd need megabucks in the event of an emergency), I decided it was time.

I'll be running the Mayor's Marathon at the end of June. I'm not at all familiar with the course (I ran the half a few years ago but the two races use two totally different routes), but I know it spends 8-ish miles on "trails" typically closed to us non-military folk, so I'm really excited to see what that's all about. If you're at all interested, you can check out a race report here. She's got pictures of this mysterious trail and it looks nice! The weather's usually pretty decent in June and the temperature always gets five Jeanos up, which means this race will be better than 99.9% of all June marathons. That's a fact.


Weekly recap!

Monday: I eased back into running with 5 slow treadmill miles
Tuesday: 6 miles with 5 x 1k (8:30 pace with 400m rest)
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 10 miles with 8 tempo (9:44 pace)
Friday: 6 easy miles
Saturday: 5 easy miles
Sunday: 15 miles

Total: 47 miles!!!!

A new weekly mileage PR by 5.5 miles. Hot damn!

I can't say it was a piece of cake getting back to running this week, but I did all my scheduled runs and am back on track, my favorite place to be.


I'm thrilled to announce the grand opening of Jeano's Box Cake Factory. That's cake made from a box mix, not a cake that comes in a box (although I suppose I could throw it in a box if you're into that kind of thing, you weirdo). We can make you whatever you want, as long as it's vanilla with chocolate frosting.

All good businesses have pictures of their products, so I present to you the following:

Because I'm a good food blogger and we food bloggers know food looks radically different when viewed from slightly different vantage points, here's another picture. You're welcome.

Okay, okay, you got me, I'm not opening a cake factory; I just wanted to brag about my enviable culinary talents.

To you guys!
  • Any suggestions for savory fuel?
  • Your cakes look this bad, right? Right?!
  • Signed up for any races recently? Where? When? Tell me everything.


  1. Nice cake! I often have a terrible time icing cakes, especially if the cake is very moist and the frosting isn't very spreadable. It's not just you. :) Also, awesome mileage this week and way to kill your 15 miler! Your splits were super even, which is really great considering you haven't run more than 10 miles in a long time. I don't have any really good suggestions for fuel, but maybe try pretzels? Although you'd need a lot of water to wash them down. I also personally don't find the Honey Stinger waffles as crazy sweet as some of the other stuff out there; maybe give them a try.

    1. Yeah, this cake was impossible to ice because the icing just ripped the top off! I did what I could and decided to stop while I was ahead.

      Oh, the Honey Stinger waffles are a good idea-I'll have to try those! I'm okay with sweet, I guess; I just don't want something that tastes like a jolly rancher.

  2. Woo-hoo! I am with you on the yuckiness of sweet/sugary crap. I usually take that stuff during a run and immediately pig out on salty crunchy things post-run.
    You are so funny-I am laughing at your cake attempt and the fact that you just now signed up for the marathon you are training for. Way to go!

    1. Yeah, I guess that signing up for the damn thing means I have to run it now! Ahhh!

  3. Bahahahahaha

    1) Love your cake...and the snide angle comment - because that is EXACTLY what I think when looking at their photos.

    2) Well done on your long run!!! That's a huge jump, but clearly the Hansons' Bros felt it appropriate. They always do seem to know what they are talking about. Also very well done on just jumping right back into training once you got back. Dedication.

    3) Way to pull the plug on your race and actually register. That's really cool that you get to run in areas that aren't normally open to you!

    4) Ha, chips were delish. BUT I actually found the perfect savory(ish) fuel on my last long run. The sugary ones just weren't doing it for me either, plus I wanted something that also gave me a little more sustenance than just easy sugars (I know, I know, we need quick, accessible fuel, but sometimes my stomach just grumbles for more). Enter - peanut butter pouches. It meets all your requirements - massive mark-up for something you could probably make yourself, it's located with all the other fuel/snacks at REI ( I did the honey pb one for my run last week and I also bought a bunch of the hazelnut/chocolate (aka. nutella) ones. They are bomb. I am hooked. Follow with water - duh, it's PB.

    1. Oh, right, I saw that you used the peanut butter and I almost bought some when I was at REI, but I was worried the protein would be too much for my stomach to handle. I haven't had any GI issues for a long time, though, so I might try that next time. Anything to avoid all the sweet!

  4. Whoa...Jelly Belly makes sports beans? I need those! If not for fuel then for pure enjoyment. Thanks for enlightening me on this matter. I can't offer up any suggestions. I've tried some type of giant chewy, gummy fuel before and it made me want to upchuck and was juicing all over my mouth. So yeah, can't help you there.

    BUT...damn, 15 miles! That's awesome! I'll be saying that enthusiastically with every long run you do because I've never run that much before so you're like a superhero to me.

    Lastly, "score!" on officially registering! 2 months and counting, huh? I also wish confirmation pages were more exciting. It should give me a seizure with flashing animations and songs about how great we are for running crazy distances. Don't just tell me that my payment was submitted. Jerks.

    1. Ahahah, "juicing all over my mouth." That's exactly it. If it makes you feel less like you're eating candy and more like you're working out, go for the sports beans, although you're likely being charged EVEN MORE because they allegedly have some sort of nutritional value.

      I feel like I've seen plenty of exciting confirmation pages on other people's blogs-Alaska needs to join the 21st century! If it doesn't induce a seizure, I don't want it.

  5. Whooops. Sometimes I vary the angle to keep myself from getting bored. Sorry? And I don't profess to be a food blogger? Do either of those help? :) I also admit when a recipe flops. Whether or not the photos look pretty... But that cake is...*ahem*...made with love.

    Salty run food: Little pretzels? Goldfish? Ritz crackers or PB cracker sandwiches (which you can buy prepackaged, by the way)? The Chex from Chex mix (or regular chex dusted with some kind of seasoned salt <---won't meet your criteria)? Salted raisins (don't laugh - think about raisins from a salty trail mix)? Just make sure you have plenty of water. All of these things are giving me dry mouth just THINKING about them...

    Congrats on registering. 'bout time. ;-)

    And you've been holding out on your grad school news on us...*edge of my seat* Seriously though - no pressure (HOW DARE YOU NOT TELL THE INTERNETS EVERYTHING?!?!), just hope you are at peace with whatever decision you made.

    Now, I need to go get some trail mix...

    1. Aha, no worries. I don't DISLIKE seeing food from different angles, it just makes me laugh. And your delicious Singapore food is exotic/delicious-looking enough that I'll take all the pictures you can throw at me.

      Those are good suggestions! I can't believe I'm so unimaginative that none of those things ever occurred to me. PB crackers are a great idea! I'm kind of worried they'd turn to PB cracker dust by the end of the run, though...

      As for your grad school question, you've inspired my most recent post ;).

  6. Haha! Love your "cake" ;) Salty fuel... hmmm... think you may have to make your own? I've made Lara type bars and made them savory/sweet. Pretty good. You could try banana chips, they don't taste super sweet but would be a good carby snack. Congrats on your registration! And your 15er :)

    1. Oh banana chips!!! That sounds awesome! But maybe high on fiber? You guys have given me loads of good ideas, I think it'll be years before I actually get to try all these things.