Monday, April 8, 2013



Seems my computer's excited it's in Norway! It also seems I'm revealing my super top-secret all-time views number, which I know you're all soooo jealous of. Some people get 8,533 views per day. Some get 8,533 views per decade. I hope I'm not inadvertently revealing important identifying information with that picture; my terrible memory of what information is typically listed on that page tells me I'm not, though.

But who cares about that, because I'm in Norway! One more Ahhhhh!! The flight blew pretty much as hard as I thought it would, but I made it in one piece. I fell into bed the second I got to my hotel room and woke up four hours later in a panic with my room phone ringing. I had made plans to meet someone to tour the town and get dinner and my alarm clock had obviously not gone off two hours ahead of time as I had intended. So I guess that means my phone alarm clock DOES NOT work here. Oops. Good thing I figured that out now.

Anyway, just checking in. It is beautiful here (I'm in Alta, waaaay up north), very similar to Alaska but with more rounded hills than jagged peaks. Also, Oslo looked a lot like Vermont, only covered in pine trees. I'm excited to go back there in a few days.

Running has obviously not happened. I might try to go outside for a run tomorrow, but I'm kicking myself for not bringing my Yaktrax. Seems Alaska isn't the only place that still has snow! There is a nice paved trail that follows the main road through town and leads to beautiful ocean views, so if it's not too slippery that's where you'll find me tomorrow morning (assuming I figure out a way to wake myself up - maybe I'll go extra posh and see if I can get a wake-up call).

I'll be sure to keep you krazy kids updated, if I can!


  1. Awesome, I fully expect to get long, detailed blog reports about this trip for weeks after you return. Go ahead and be all fancy with a wake-up call so you can run to the ocean and take and post pictures, K?

    Also, try some of that super-fancy banquet fermented fish that is buried for months and smells terrible. Do you know what I mean? I hear wild things about it.

    And, please, don't obsess about pageviews! I have decided that each blogger who tries hard to get more pageviews and followers decreases the value of what they write. I like sharing my small blog with other small bloggers where the quality is much higher :)

    1. No worries, no obsessing going on over here. I used to get really excited when my page views jumped up (it's fun to see numbers go up!), but I really only pointed it out because it seems like people are weird about page views (like, I don't think I'm supposed to be sharing that information? Is it supposed to be as sacred as my bank account number?) and I often feel the need to point out things I know people may focus on to say, "yeah, I know you're looking at it, deal with it."

      I just had some sort of fish stew which was more like salmon chunks (but delicious salmon chunks!) floating in water. It seems the warnings I've received about the food are not entirely misplaced. I might have to work my way up to the super-fancy banquet fermented fish...

  2. Ahhhh...I want to hear all about it!!! Keep us updated if you can!

  3. Whooot! Also, cracking up over the language change. That is a language change, right? Or do you usually like to check your blog stats in...erm...Norwegian? :)

    Enjoy hearing the little spurts of travel stories. And DEFINITELY want to hear about the run - but enjoy the adventures, and blog later. We'll wait. =)