Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pregnancy Glamor Shots... in a Bog (plus a Weekly Recap)

Thursday workout: 10 miles with 8 tempo (9:30), Connects
Friday workout: 5 miles, easy, 10:38 average, Pace Gloves
Saturday workout: 8 miles, 2 outside in Connects, 6 on a treadmill, socks, 11:52 average
Sunday workout: 10 miles, 10:29 average, Pace Gloves

I may have slacked at blogging these past few days, but I certainly did not slack at running. I've got finals next week (HOW are finals at the end of April, UAA? Budget cuts? This is not normal. Spring Break was one month ago) so I've been a bit strapped for time. Come next Thursday, however, I'll be spewing all over your interblogs, so get ready!

Today's run was just delightful. And oh-so beautiful.

Kudos to anyone who can spot that beauty Flattop. Hint: it's the flat one.

I've been doing all of my runs in the same place since it's next to school/work and my beloved woodsy trails are covered in jagged sluce (snow-slush-ice. I just made that up. You're welcome), so I took the extra time the weekend afforded me to head over to the general vicinity of the Coastal Trail (which is also covered in sluce) and run in my pavement paradise. I spent most of my run in the airplane zoo I found last week and got way too excited about having to stop and yield to an airplane crossing the road (which, by the way, is a sight to behold. They have tiny tires and kind of flutter their way across the pavement).

Wasn't quick enough to catch the plane crossing.

I decided to fuel for this run even though I didn't really need it. I took a gross margarita shotblok (which, as I mentioned previously, I can hardly even look at these days) every couple of miles, as well as a Honey Stinger gel at mile 6. Last week my flavor was "golden." This week it was "chocolate." They taste identical. Huh? I think that fueling during a shorter run like this prevented me from the post-run panger (that's panic-hunger) I often experience. I was able to wait until after my shower to eat, as opposed to shoving food down my throat the second I got to the car. It was a nice feeling! [updated to add: I forgot I ate two pieces of pizza in addition to my usual breakfast. That may have more to do with it than fueling during the run...]

I spent the entire run head-singing this song. You've likely heard it. If I know it, it doesn't get any more mainstream/popular. But this song is peppy. It's slightly soulful. And the singer sounds exactly like Leona Lewis, who sang my Summer 2008 power song (Bleeding Love). Basically, it was written for me. I'd like to find "him" next to me someday ("him" referring, of course, to Taye Diggs).

I saw some strange sights on my run. Chief among them was a woman getting her pregnancy glamor photos taken. There's nothing wrong with commemorating that time you were pregnant, of course, but of all places in this beautiful town to take pictures, she chose to have them done in a gross, wet bog full of dead trees. Huh? Was this where your child was conceived, ma'am? Because I can't think of any other possible reason for choosing that locale. Also, she looked really depressed. And now that I've outlined that hypothetical situation, I'm feeling pretty depressed myself.

It looked like this, only uglier, because I sort of like this. Not for a pregnancy glamor shot, however.

I wore shorts today. And yesterday. And the day before that. And the one before that. You get the idea. Shorts season has officially arrived! No WAY I'm going back to tights. Tights are restrictive. Tights are dumb. And when you overheat like I do, tights do nothing but create a localized sauna of hot disgustingness. Everyone wins when Jeano wears shorts.

[side note: my real name is Jean (duh). I refer to myself as Jeano (in third person, no less!) because it helps me dissociate the real Jean, who would be mortified to be caught with a running blog, from Jeano, who's cool with it. Don't think about that too hard because it doesn't make sense. Suffice it to say that if this were Fight Club, Jean is Edward Norton and Jeano is Brad Pitt, only Jean's slightly less embarrassing than Jeano. This is my way of saying that if you feel ridiculous calling me Jeano, that's because it is indeed a ridiculous name. Jean's fine. Take your pick.]

It made me sad that so many people gave me judge-y (that's totally a word if I SAY it's a word, spell-check!) looks because of my attire. I mean, dudes, don't you know the rule? It's 52 degrees outside right now (in the sun-it still counts)! Somehow no one seems to have gotten the memo that down jackets and fur-lined boots are so last month. At this point, if you're wearing them, it's a fashion statement. A very ugly fashion statement at that. I'm going to chalk these nasty looks (and comments! There were comments!) up to jealousy. THEY haven't had a chance to develop that dark, tan strip of skin between shorts and compression socks like I have. Also, I haven't seen any other runners wearing shorts. Because I am always right, they are obviously over-dressing. I'm sweating just thinking about those tights.


Somehow, today marks the end of week 11 of marathon training. Holy ship. That's a lot of weeks. Let's do a recap!

Monday: 7 miles, easy
Tuesday: 6 miles with 4 x 1200 (8:30 pace with 400m rest)
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 10 miles with 8 tempo
Friday: 5 easy
Saturday: 8 easy
Sunday: 10 easy-but-less-easy-than-other-easy-days

Total: 46 miles

I'd like to point out that, while 46 miles is an extremely high number for me, if you measure the week from Saturday-Saturday and not Sunday-Sunday, my total was 51 miles (!). I know it doesn't "count," technically, but hot damn!

Those miles didn't come easy, that's for sure. This week was hard. Probably the hardest one yet. My recovery runs felt pretty awful, to be honest. I spent each and every one angrily composing a post entitled "The Day My Body Just Stopped Moving" in my head because I literally couldn't contemplate running the next day. But those crazy Hanson geniuses know their shit, because those easy runs left me recovered enough to bust out some pretty impressive harder efforts. Normally I'd stomp my foot and throw a fit about how I always have to be right (see above), but in this case I'm glad they outsmarted me. Today, in fact, my ten miles felt great! Which is good, because this coming week is going to be EVEN HARDER. Send help. And pizza. A huge, all-meat pizza.

  • Tell me about all your crazy tan lines.
  • What jams are you listening to recently? I need some power songs. I'm so tired of my iPod music, which hasn't been updated in a billion years.
  • Why do people wear so much clothing? What are you rocking on your runs these days?
  • People familiar with school schedules, when does the semester at your local school end? Not for another month, right?


  1. I have always wanted to ask you about your name. I love your reasoning behind it :)

    This is my last week of class, then I have a week off (Hello 3 day trip to Eugene), then finals. Argh! Too much to do, too little time. Good luck. Are you in a degree program or just taking classes to get into and help with grad school (which you have obviously already done)?

    1. Well, it's more my reason for referring to MYSELF as Jeano and not Jean. Jeano's actually a nickname from college, so it surprisingly didn't come from this crazy brain of mine.

      I'm taking a couple of math class (one's a sort of a math-econ fusion) partially because my math background is (relatively) weak and I figured it would help get into schools, but also because it's a huge part of any grad econ program and given that only 50% make it past the first year (!!!), I need all I can get! I'll be taking yet another this summer (linear algebra-oh joy!).

  2. First, I would like to point out that you are busting out some amazing interval work for a gal who, just 6 short weeks ago (or something like that) was puking after some 800s. In fact, those intervals today hardly seem to warrant their own blog post. You. Are. Awesome!! :)

    Tan lines: Currently sporting a Garmin tan that is quite a bit larger than my "regular" watches, so I have a nice white stripe around my left just-above-the-wrist. Stunning. Also, I don't know if this counts, but I actually chose my wedding dress partially because it would hide the big sports bra tan lines I get up the front of my chest every summer. Sports bra backs can vary some, so my back is usually looking OK. But those straps have to start somewhere, and they're all going over my shoulder, so the front lines are pretty similar. So instead of sporting something strapless (which I hate anyway) and baring those white pseudo-straps between my boobs and shoulder...I just chose a dress that covered them up. Brilliant.

    Currently, Moves Like Jagger is my pump me up song (sorry, don't judge). It was on the last release for the type of spin class I usually take, so whenever I hear it now, my legs want to spin. I also really like U2's Magnificent, although that may not be quite "pumpy" enough for you. Also, Jagger is a short-term thing. Magnificent will always be a winner for me. :)

    These days, I rock as little tight clothing as I can get away with (I promise I'm not gross). Spandex shorts and a sports bra, and if I'm out in public running, usually a shirt. I really like going without a shirt, but so few people do it here, and I'm so white in this community anyway, I feel like there's no need for my stomach to help announce my different-ness...

    1. Why thanks, ma'am! Granted, it's only 3 miles of speedwork and it's not particularly fast (and I don't think any of it would be possible on a treadmill, where those 800s happened), but I DO think I've gotten better at it. And it's actually kind of fun to let loose like that!

      I've definitely got a Garmin tan that's not fully covered by my regular watch. I'm looking forward to seeing that one develop. And sports bra lines totally count! They'd definitely be a problem in a wedding dress, but I'm usually cool with them. I figure they make me look like a BAMF (even though I highly doubt anyone else thinks that).

      I would also wear as little clothing as possible if I live in Singapore. Your heat's no joke!

  3. What a strange place for a maternity shoot. Maybe the baby WAS conceived there although it kind of looks like werewolves and/or zombies roam around there so maybe that's why she was depressed. She's all knocked up with a werewolf/zombie/human hybrid baby.

    I've been jamming to "Cant' Hold Us" by Macklemore and "I Love it" by Icona Pop. This is a judgment free zone, right? I'm not proud of my musical choices, but whatever...they power me through!

    1. Considering my music suggestions usually contain the words "Beyonce" and "Rihanna," I'm not in a position to judge anyone on their musical tastes! I actually realized "Can't Hold Us" is "Can't Hold Us" this morning. I Had heard the song's name and had heard the actual song but hadn't made the connection. I'm a fan! I'm not familiar with this Icona Pop; I'll have to take a listen!

  4. Yay for shorts! I pretty much wear them year round. Worst tan lines ever. Basically, I will NOT be wearing a bikini this summer. I'll pretty much have to be the dorky mom in swim shorts. And awesome week of running! It was tough but you got it done. 46 miles is nothing to sneeze at! I never got past 47 last cycle. Funny about the airplane crossing :)

    1. Yeah, I'm really concerned about going out compression socks-less in shorts, because that tan line's starting to get out of control. But hey, at least I've been enjoying the sun! Once it gets warm enough I'll have to allow for a "tan-the-rest-of-my-legs" rest period following runs.

  5. That is an awkward photo shoot. Maternity shoots kind of just weird me out in general, anyways, but in a bog? Awkward...

    I've been rocking shorts and t-shirts or tank tops lately. The weather is perfect for running (mid/low 60's). I'm soaking up as much of it as I can until summer really hits and I feel like I am drowning on air. I hate humidity.

    I rarely change my playlist, but two that I have really been digging lately (and by lately I mean for like the last month or two, ha) are "Some Night" by Fun and "Just Give Me A Reason" by Pink.