Saturday, February 16, 2013

Reunited and it Feels So Good

Friday workout: 3 deep, snowy miles, 11:15-ish average
Saturday workout: Flattop Flattop Flattop!!!!

So, Friday's run was really challenging because the snow had been coming down hard all day so I was running in about six inches of powdery snow. I had intended to keep a 10:52 average, but that was just not feasible. I'd say my effort level was somewhere near a 9:15 average on cement, so it was not the easiest run.

Who cares about a measly 3 miles, though, when I climbed a mountain this morning?!

It was SO nice to be back out there again. I was reluctant to attempt it because I thought there was way too much snow, but my friend wanted to do it so I decided to go along for the ride and see what happened. Who am I to turn down a mountain ascent?

Surprisingly, the going wasn't that bad. Someone had already broken trail so all we had to do was follow in his/her stead (thank you, kind shemale!).

There's one kind sir. This older gentleman was a BAMF, taking the steep route.

Describing a hike isn't that interesting (if I were to try, 90% of it would be, "... and then we continued upwards!") so I'll let the pictures do all the talking.

Anchorage from above. Looks kind of desolate here, but it's really not.

The Ramp!

I'm a big fan of the sun-in-the-corner photo 

Anyway, we explored for a bit and then headed down. It was delightful! It was especially nice being on top of something again (TWSS?) instead of viewing it from a distance.

Not gonna lie, though, I got a little angsty about substituting this for today's planned 3 miles. Because I'm a square, when I've got a plan, I like to follow it to a T. But I suppose that hiking for three hours (it takes a while in the winter) is more or less the same as a 3 mile jog, right? Right?!?! My training cycle's ruined, isn't it? But really, I think I'll be okay. There was a moment when I contemplated running after the hike, though. Then I realized that probably didn't fit in with Hansons' gradual, cumulative fatigue thing. Don't want to waste all my energy at once.

No questions for you today. Happy Saturday!


  1. Gorgeous photos! You're making me miss the mountains. I wouldn't worry too much about missing a single run, especially if you were doing something active. One run isn't going to make or break a training cycle, especially if it was only a 3 miler.

    1. Oh, I'm well aware that it will have no impact whatsoever; I just get anxious about not following these things exactly because I'm a head case ;).

  2. Wow! That looks like an amazing hike! I've never climbed a mountain in the snow... maybe I should! Beautiful!

    1. Yeah, in years past I never really thought about summiting anything in the winter because I assumed my path would be blocked by all the snow. For the most part, that's true, but Flattop is by far the most popular hiking destination in Anchorage so it's more likely than anywhere else to be climbable.

  3. Wow. This *almost* makes me want to abandon the tropics for the wintry hike! =)

    Thanks for sharing the beauty.

    1. Why, you're welcome! I certainly missed it when I was living on the East Coast so I enjoy sharing it with those "less fortunate" than I am.