Friday, February 22, 2013

A Puzzle

Friday workout: 4 miles, 10:40 average

Thanks for all your comments re: yesterday's good news. I totally understand the desire to know the school and the subject, although it makes me slightly uneasy to reveal anything before it's set in stone. But why then, you ask, mention it at all? Because I'm an asshole! No, not really. I'm just full of contradictions.

So what do I want a PhD in? Writing!!!! 


I kid. I would never force my questionable writing abilities onto anyone but you poor souls. It's actually economics. And no, before the thought even has time to manifest itself, I am NOT planning to "fix this crazy economy of ours" any time soon. I know that would have been your first question had I given you time to think it over. It always is. No, I plan to set my sights a bit lower. Always the underachiever.

Because I'm strangely paranoid about this li'l blog coming up in a google search (as IF I have enough readers to show up in a google search), I'll just say this about the school: it's home to the marathon that was run by what seemed like every single blogger ever last spring. Happy hunting!


Today's run was beautiful! I work all day Friday because I don't have class (tough life over here, working all day once a week), so the past two Fridays I've run after work. Since our daylight is slowly returning, I've been treated to some nice sunsets.

Unfortunately, last week's run was super sloppy because of six inches of new powder, and this morning it seemed I was doomed to similar conditions (or, horror of horrors, an evening treadmill run. I don't know why, but an evening treadmill run is infinitely more depressing than a daytime treadmill run). When I got up this morning, it was snowing. Hard. I think the best word to describe what was happening outside is "aggressive." It was kind of insane.

The snow stopped after a couple of hours, though, and I went on my merry way. I ran along the pretty road to school and was treated to some sun.


Alpenglooooow. I attempted to take this while sitting at a stoplight. Side note: it's hard to look at the road while driving when you've got this view off to your left.

I'm ashamed to admit my pride almost got the better of me on this one. The Hansons had me running at a 10:52 pace, but it was really hard for me to keep it that slow. With all the rush hour cars driving by, I obviously HAD to impress their occupants. My future husband could have seen me so I had to pretend to be fast! Admit it: you would have done the same thing. I was able to keep my overall average close to what I wanted, but my pace minute-to-minute was all over the place. Not this all over the place, though:

This is crazytown. I try to structure all my runs in a way that gives me a fun pace chart.

My strange heel pain was nowhere to be found. Like I said, it only hurts when I walk. It got better as the day went on, though. Thanks for your tips!

And with that, I leave you. You're probably thinking, "What's wrong with you, posting on a Friday night? Loser!" I probably am a loser, but I will in fact be out celebrating tonight. Four hour time difference ;).


  1. Glad the heel was feeling good; I'll be a jerk and still suggest you stretch the calves and Achilles, just in case. :)

    And I thought Biochemists were the only ones who got the, "So you're gonna..." question; except to us, it ends with "...cure cancer, right?", rather than fix the economy. Not sure which is a taller order, actually...

    1. Suggest away! I always enjoy a little free advice from a professional coach ;). I admit I'm generally very anti-stretching, but I suppose it couldn't hurt...

      That's a GREAT example of a "So you're gonna...." question, and one I've probably asked my science friends (in ANY physical science, really) a few too many times! I'd love to do a poll some day to see what others are out there...

    2. Don't think of it as a stretch. Just think of it as "standing extra long on the bottom step with one foot on the step, and the other 2/3 off the step with that heel dropping below the level of the step". That helps, right?

      And if you don't feel anything with a tennis ball (even when you're standing up and applying body-weight type pressure), then your foot muscles are extremely strong and relaxed, and I'd say that's probably not the origin of your problem. [If it were, you'd feel it.] People do say a golf ball works better - but for me, that's a level of masochism for which I am not prepared...

    3. So I tried it with a golf ball, and it DEFINITELY did the trick. I'm still confused about why I didn't feel anything with the tennis ball (not sure I could have put any more weight on it?), but the golf ball definitely got the job done. I can't tell if it did anything, but if nothing else it made me feel more at ease ;). As always, thanks for the advice!