Sunday, February 17, 2013

Whine of the Day: Skiers, Fat Bikers, and Short-Haired Dogs

Workout: 4 miles, 11:21 pace

I had this cute little reminder waiting for me when I woke up this morning. And yes, 10:59 is a respectable time to wake up. Anything earlier than 11:00 qualifies as responsible adult behavior.

Silly Google, didn't you hear? Marathon training started ages ago! But hey, at least it didn't cuss at me like my alarm clock does.

Today I ran four miles. They were slow, as planned, and they were replete with interruptions that were most definitely not planned. Sigh.

Same old scenery. Kind of a joykill to follow up yesterday's post with this. Hey, dog friend, I see you there.

Interruption number one: Shoes. I figured all the new snow would be packed down by now and so boldly set out without Yaktrax. I was a-slippin' and a-slidin' all over the place and while part of me wanted to suck it up, the other part of me was pissed at how much energy I was using to maintain a 12:00 pace. After about three quarters of a mile, I turned around and went back to attach those bad boys to my shoes.

Interruption number two: Skiers. Ugh. The rivalry continues, and it seems the skiers have recruited those suddenly ubiquitous fat bikers to their cause (fat tires, not bodies). It is so unbelievably annoying that I'm apparently expected to move to the side of the trail each time one of these people shows up, and yet ninety percent of the time they don't even acknowledge that I've gone out of my way to step in the deep snow, stop, and patiently wait for them to amble by. I mean, I'm not giving up my firstborn or anything, but would it kill these folks to treat me like a human being every once in a while?

Interruption number three: Bailey. I know, I know, I said I was done with all that, but it's hard (whine, whine, whine). Setbacks are to be expected. Once my runs hit 5 miles again, I'm done, for real this time (don't hold me to that). Anyway, she was annoying, just like she always is. There was a lot of stopping to tend to her needy needs.

Interruption number four: Moose. We ran into three and had to do some off-roading ("trail running"?).

But hey, at least I did the damn thing. The legs felt fine and when I wasn't being inconvenienced in some way, I was having fun.


Let's do our marathon week two round-up:

12 miles jogged, 3 hours hiked.

Well that looks pretty pathetic, huh? Good news is, I feel great and everything's working the way it should. I always assumed it was the number of days run per week that determine wear-and-tear on this decrepit body (the reason I've limited my running to four days a week), but I guess total mileage is more important. Keep in mind that this is just a working theory and hasn't been even remotely tested since I only ran four days this week. But whatever, I'm saying it's true until proven otherwise.


Can we talk about how some seriously lame-looking dogs are on Runner's World's  list of best dogs to run long with? Can we also, some other time, talk about why it's Runner's and not Runners' World? But how is it that a jack russell terrier and a goldendoodle can run 10+ miles but my stupid golden retriever can't? And why are these all short-haired dogs?

I don't really like short-haired dogs. I mean, I love all dogs, but I love them least. I'll still love your short-haired dog if you really need me to, but I'll probably say mean things about it behind its back because I'm an asshole.  My ideal dog would be an aussie who runs for miles and miles with me. Aussies didn't even make the list!! Come on, now. Tell me aussies can run long so I can go out and buy one and force it to run with me. Because now that I've seen this list, if I go out and do that I'll feel like I'm abusing my dog because Runner's World is obviously never wrong.


Turns out tomorrow's a holiday? I got ridiculously excited until I found out I still have class and since I'm paid by the hour, still have to work. Lame. But hey, kudos to current and former presidents. Some of you have been better than others, but thanks for doing a job I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole (not that you can touch a job - I think?).



  • Did your dog make the Runner's World list? Is it short-haired? I promise I like it just as much as its long-haired brethren.
  • What's your biggest annoyance while running? I'm talking disruptions, poor etiquette, etc.
  • Are you training for anything right now? Tell me about it!


  1. I would say Aussies would probably fit in the same categories as Border Collies - more of a general "herding" category that includes Aussies, BC, and Blue Heelers, probably. That's what my dog is a mix of and I definitely agree in the two categories he falls in - trails and obedience - but he is also really great in the cold (he has medium hair) and long runs (he regularly runs over 10 miles with me). Heat is definitely rough on him since his hair is thicker, but I try to run near rivers and streams - he loves to swim and it helps him cool off.

    I don't really like short-haired dogs, either. My boyfriend, on the other hand, HATES longer haired dogs. It took him approximately 1 year to decide he liked my dog, ha.

    When I'm trail running, I get really annoyed with groups that don't move aside for you. Instead of moving to the side so that this one single person and her dog can quickly run by, I have to wait for 5+ people to leisurely stroll by. Similar issues down by the national monuments along the mall in DC - hoards of tourists take up ENTIRE paths and are clueless to sharing it with others.

    Was training for the Rock and Roll full marathon, but switched down to the half and am hoping to PR. I'm hoping to do a 50k in June. I'm still a huge fan of the Hansons Method. Enjoy the low mileage weeks and easy runs while you can!!!

    I'm pumped about tomorrow's holiday - it's my first holiday as a salaried employee, so it's the first time I get paid for not working!! I haven't decided how to celebrate yet!

    1. I'm glad to hear it! I had two aussies growing up and they are by far my favorite kind of dog. Once I figure my life out, I'm totally getting one. May be a while.

      I've done a couple of runs in the DC area and I have so much sympathy for you. The tourists weren't THAT bad for most of the mall, but there were street crossings that were pretty ridiculous. Also, from what I can tell DC has the longest-lasting stoplights I've ever seen (I saw some that were literally 90 seconds!), which was really frustrating. Overall, though, it seems like a really nice place to run.

      Turns out yesterday wasn't a day off for me. Bummer. I showed up to work looking like a hobo because I assumed the building would be locked, but no. Paid holidays are so awesome! My last job was really generous with holidays (for example, we got 10 days off for Christmas just because), which was so awesome.

  2. Dog Count in this house = 0. *whew*

    Greatest running annoyance: Traffic lights. I mean, I get that they are there to save me from being killed, but they SERIOUSLY put a cramp in my running mojo. I'll do (almost) anything to avoid a route with traffic lights, ESPECIALLY traffic lights at the END of my run. Stopping a quarter mile from the end of an 8 mile just bad news...

    1. YES. Traffic lights are so annoying. See above for my thoughts on the ridiculously long lights in D.C. Fortunately I don't encounter too many of those on my runs here. One of the many advantages of not living in a city! I honestly think I would just stop running if I hit one towards the end of a particularly trying run.

  3. oooh so yaktraks reaaally do work eh?? It is HARD work to be running out there in the snow/ice. Most of the energy is spent not falling and breaking something.

    Imagine seeing a moose on your run!! haha how crazy!

    I'm tryyying to "loosely" train for a marathon, but man, I've seem to hit a mental block with running long. ughhh

    1. YES, surprisingly enough they do work! I was honestly expecting them to work better than they do, but as long as the snow's packed down they're pretty awesome. I had kind of deluded myself into thinking I would be able to wear them in, like, six inches of powder and have perfect traction, but that's definitely not the case. As long as you're not running on anything ridiculous, I'd highly recommend them!

      Ahaha, I think your definition of "long" may be different from mine; it seems you've been killing the 10+-mile runs lately!