Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Workout: grgrgrfggg!!! That means nothing in chewbaccan.

Wow, it's been entirely too long since we've talked. Three days?!?! The horror!

It's okay, though; we can make it through this. How about we do it in list form, a la Random Shit Tuesday? In fact, let's just do it. It's been far too long.

  • We'll begin with a photo from the blog's renaissance because a picture-less post is a sad post indeed, and I haven't taken an Anchorage-y photo in ages.
  • The past few days can be summed up pretty easily. Sunday: spent curled up in a ball, ruing the existence of alcohol and my liver's newfound inability to process it. Monday: school/work/doctor/homework. I'm so sorry I won't get a chance to walk you through each and every intimate detail of these action-packed days.
  • [Insert obligatory Superbowl-Beyonce-blackout musing here]
  • So, the visit to the doctor. It happened, and it was like the twilight zone in there. I walk in, check in with the nice receptionist, and at some point during my hour-long wait (yes), the receptionist sticks her head out and says, "Hey, do you remember me? I used to help watch you and your brothers at _______ Gymnastics when you were four!" Huh? I was stumped. People always remember the triplets, but this triplet doesn't remember anything from when she was four. Nonetheless, it was exciting to stumble upon a long-lost acquaintance. I managed to stumble upon yet another forgotten long-lost acquaintance when the doctor lady started telling me we used to hang out with her kids all the time when we were little. Even stranger, I worked with one of those kids at the senator's office I worked at last semester, an office of seven people. What?! Small world.
  • Related to the previous point, in the future I will not see someone who appears to know all about me and my family. This woman spent very little time listening to my symptoms and much more time judging me on my life choices and asking me very intrusive questions about my family that had absolutely nothing to do with why I was there. I was not a happy patient. AND I didn't get any blood drawn! Not only that, but she referred me to a place that doesn't accept my insurance! Ahhhh! Overall, doctor fail. The poor track record continues.
  • On a non-health topic, my stupidity apparently knows no bounds. I have an electric blanket I love(d) desperately, but the damn thing decided to die on me. My room is always freezing at night and since spare blankets are few and far between in this house, I've been layering up before bed and waking up shivering in the middle of the night (full disclosure: this has only happened a couple of times. But it still sucks!). Clearly one blanket was just not cutting it, but how was I to procure another one? Oh. Seems electric blankets are still blankets, even with broken innards. Duh. I'm happy to report things have since heated up here in Jeano headquarters.
  • I filed my tax return yesterday and was a very happy customer. I just never know how it's going to go; will I owe a trillion dollars? Will I receive a trillion dollars? It's kind of like the lottery (I KNOW, it's not really like that at all, but let me have my fun). I'm happy to report that it went well enough for me to justify treating myself to a parking pass to this beautiful place. It's been far too long.
  • Noticeably absent thus far? Exercise. Blimey! It hasn't been happening. I couldn't wait another two weeks so decided it's Hanson or bust (and by bust I mean sitting on my ass). The plan starts this week! Thursday, to be exact. Let's take a look at my carefully crafted training plan just to make sure.
Yep. Thursday it is.

  • Of course, I don't think the brothers Hanson would necessarily endorse my taking off the entire week leading up to the start of marathon training, but I figured I should take advantage of my wonky health and chill out. I'm planning to extend this "base-building period" by two weeks so the whole thing works out. Hopefully that will help with the terrifyingly sudden 15-mile jump in weekly mileage between weeks 5 and 6.
  • As far as feeling tired goes, I seem to be over the hump, but I also haven't done any physical activity in a while. Maybe it was mental? One of life's great mysteries.
So with that, we conclude this week's RST! My apologies to anyone offended by my vulgar potty mouth. I realize it's not everyone's cup o' tea but it's my emotionally-stunted way of sharing my feelings. I guess my vocabulary's not developed enough to express what I mean in any other way. Forgive me my vices and I'll forgive you yours! And I hope you'll appreciate my sincere effort to cut it down some.

Okay, questions, let's go!
  • Do you have any thoughts on the Superbowl I haven't heard? Know any funny blackout jokes? Share them! I'm personally a big fan of jokes of the "Destiny's Child's curling irons blew out the power" variety.
  • When was the last time you took an entire week off of exercising? Did your muscles atrophy? I did it in December so I know I'll be fine, although I suppose I shouldn't make it a monthly ritual.
  • Do you ever spend hours making fancy plans like mine above? Yes, I consider mine fancy and yes, it took me hours.
  • Are you starting a new training plan anytime soon?
  • Ever use an electric blanket? They truly are the best, aren't they?


  1. I've pretty much got nothing for you today. (Not that I'll let that stop me...)

    -Didn't watch Superbowl (8 AM is a weird time for a football party anyway), don't really care. They use too much electricity anyway. Blackout was deserved.
    -Took a week off when I busted a metatarsal...for the third time. Don't do that. It sucks.
    -I spend hours crafting fancy running plans, period. Part of the 'running coach' job description.
    -Right now I'm on the "build up mileage carefully and supplement with spinning and BodyPump" plan. My schedule's kinda erratic, so as long as I get my workouts in, I don't stress about the exact day.
    -The thought of an electric blanket in Singapore makes me shudder. And not in a cold way.

    Sorry the doc thing was a bust. Any way you can try somewhere else? It sounds like you should have a blood draw, at least for iron... And a regular blood panel should be part of a physical anyway. Maybe you can justify it to your insurance as a "physical" instead? If you think something might be wrong, don't give up...!

  2. That picture is EVERYTHING!! What a view!
    Blast from the past at the doctor's office!

    I've been in HUGE exercise ruts for about 3/4 weeks before..it takes time to get back into it,that's for sure!

  3. You can't offend me with your vulgar potty mouth...in fact, I embrace and encourage it!

    Sorry about the bad dr's visit-- nothing is more frustrating than a dr that doesn't "listen" to you!