Tuesday, February 12, 2013

All Grammys, All the Time!

Workout: 2 miles, 10:38 pace

Is there an apostrophe in Grammys? I feel like there shouldn't be and yet we often put one in titles like these. I made a half-hearted attempt to look it up but came up short. Meh. Grammys it is.


I was aiming for 10:52 pace for my run but my Garmin was doing its Garmin thing and being crazy. Whoops.

There's not much to say about this run except that it was a run and it was in my neighborhood. Although dare I say I felt a slight spring in my step? It was enough of a spring that I was inspired to venture from the flat stretch of road and up the mountain that is my street.


It snowed yesterday. I took pictures.


This is my coffee cup on my car. My coffee cup has moose and pine trees on it because after spending almost 20 years in Alaska, I'm still a tourist.

There was a raven (crow?) up there, I swear!


So, the Grammys. Can I still talk about the Grammys two days later? Is it old news now? Guys, the Grammys were so much fun!! I'm usually a cynic asshole, but it was such a good time! I've mentioned before that I'm kind of obsessed with celebrity gossip (I don't want to be their friend or anything, or even meet them; I just want to hear stories of how insane they are), so I'm glad to finally have a t.v. to watch award shows on. Unfortunately, the couple of award shows I've seen this year have kind of blown (except for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler!), and I was expecting to be seriously let down by the Grammys because of the live singing. Well, the performances got off to a rocky start (Taylor Swift?! Poor girl) and I was already moaning about how awful it all was, but suddenly something changed and I was obsessed. I think it was that Miguel character - I, like Kelly Clarkson, had no idea who the hell he was, but he killed that song! I seriously thought he was lip-synching, he sounded so great. And for some reason I can't explain, I loved what the two of them were wearing (Beetle Juice chic?).

Anyway, just to drag this out some more (you don't have anything to do today, right?), Justin Timberlake's new song (Pusher Love Girl, I think it's called?) is my jam. Seriously. Can't get enough of it. I was in the awkward position of being kept up for hours post-Grammys unable to sleep because a song I couldn't even remember was stuck in my head. Seriously. I had no idea what it sounded like (despite having just listened to it on repeat for, like, an hour) but it was stuck in my head. Don't worry, I listened to it for a few more hours (heh) the next day and it's firmly engrained in my mind. Now I'm trying to convince myself not to listen to it again until a non-live version comes out to postpone the inevitable fatigue that comes with listening to a song 6 trillion times. I don't know why I'm so obsessed - there's something so awesome about the first four beats and that first line ("Hey, pretty mama..."). I'm also of the belief that an organ makes any song epic and therefore amazing. I dislike JT as a rule, but I've got to hand it to him this time. Dammit.

So, apart from that dipshit Chris Brown getting way too much screen time, the Grammys were a blast! I've been listening to all the performances non-stop since then. It's a problem. I was sucked into a major YouTube time warp last night and when I came out of it, three hours had passed. Funny how that happens. I think my favorite part of the Grammys is that they actually cut to the people we want to see when certain people are on stage (except, again, Chris Brown). They're too nice at those actor shows! I mean, if Katy Perry is on stage, I obviously want you to cut to Jon Mayer (no cut during Taylor Swift's song, though - bummer). This also applies to any of the losers. Or Prince, all the time.

Apparently some dude crashed Adele's acceptance speech? The things you miss when you're on a time delay...

And with that we conclude Grammys talk.


In today's (okay, yesterday's) WIATTIMIL, I ate gravelly kale. I was so pissed! Why was there gravel all over my kale?! Kale I had washed thoroughly, by the way. I kept trying to convince myself it wasn't that bad, but after a boulder nearly broke my tooth in half, I was done. Lame. Other than that half-hearted kale attempt, I've been taking iron supplements and drinking a glass of orange juice in the morning. My heart's no longer pounding in my ears at night, which is good, and there was that pleasant spring in my step during this morning's run, but I can't really tell whether I feel more energized or not. I suppose I'll have to give it more time.

  • Who was your favorite at the Grammys? You've answered this question six million times already, haven't you? If you didn't watch, just say Miguel.
  • Ever have a song stuck in your head despite having no idea what it sounds like?
  • Ever had gravelly kale? What the hell, right?!


  1. I get sooo bummed out when Garmin decides to go crazy and tell me I'm running 6-something! lol!
    Miguel is amaaazing.

    1. Hahaha yeah, I've had a couple of 4:00 miles in my day... Silly garmin.

  2. I dislike excess sand in places it shouldn't be (namely, anywhere but the beach). In my bathing suit, in my ears, in my hair, in my cooler, and in my shellfish. OK, maybe it actually *is* supposed to be in my shellfish, but I really dislike that grainy texture in my mussels. This isn't exactly like kale - but kale should NOT have sand. Or gravel. No excuses. Icky. :(

    1. Yeah, it was a very unsettling experience. I tried so hard to wash it before cooking! Fail.