Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Momentous Occasion!

Workout: short hike, one hour

Thanks for your comments on my weird energy issues. I'm glad getting blood tests, if only to find out there's nothing wrong with me. Thyroid problems run in my family, though, so I'm hoping it's not that. If it is, though, they've got pills for that!

Today I celebrated a momentous occasion: the completion of all of my grad school applications. I decided to just get it all over with and spent a solid six hours on my couch doing just that. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted (from both my to-do list and my wallet). And now I wait for what I hope to be more good news.

Despite feeling less-than-peppy, I figured going for a hike with my dad would wake me up more than sitting around would so that's what I did. It was a beautiful day!

Methinks some snow is falling. 

And now, every single sunset picture ever. Let's call it variations on a theme. Yuh welcome.

Weird sun blob. 

Bailey fleeing the dog whose tail is just visible in the right hand corner.

I can't claim to have felt fantastic, but I definitely felt better as the walk progressed. Let's hope beer is the magical cure to whatever ails me!

Questions for a lazy Saturday:
  • Do you call it Beirut or beer pong? On the West Coast, it seems beer pong reigns supreme. On the East Coast, however, it's a mixed bag. I prefer 'ruit.
  • How did you spend your Saturday? Did you do anything active and exciting? Tell me!
  • I'm drawing a blank. Tell me your favorite drink of choice, alcoholic or otherwise. I'm going gin & tonic or white Russian, but I'll never turn down down a Belgian beer. Chocolate milk also rocks.


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