Thursday, February 14, 2013

Too Much Energy

Workout: 3 miles, 11:39

Oh hello, interblogs! It's been a while, huh? The past couple of days real life has taken priority over anything blog-related. So sorry to deprive you of my questionable wisdom. You know what they say about absence, though...

So I ran today. It was three miles around my neighborhood. Running in my neighborhood is soul-crushing, but I'm grudgingly beginning to accept that my future's got a lot of neighborhood miles in store. Take this morning, for example. I knew I had three miles to do, and I knew they had to be done in time to make it to class. Initially, I planned to run by the dog park since it's right next to school, but then I started thinking about all the time and effort required to get food and shower stuff together (not to mention the time it takes to drive to the gym to shower), and I just couldn't do it. The reality is, I can either spend 45 minutes running and getting ready, or I can drag it out for two hours. Things are starting to get really busy with school and work, and a three mile run just isn't worth all that extra time. We'll see if I still feel that way in a few weeks.

Another bummer about running in my neighborhood is that there's nothing pretty to look at. This is about as nice as it gets: 

It was snowing, though! Snow makes everything better

Since I just started the plan last week, my runs are all 3-4 miles so my legs obviously feel pretty great. So great that I made an effort to run up (and down) some hills.

 That 124 feet in mile two was packed into like two-tenths of a mile. Tough.
Garmin scaling fail.

I was pissed my plan didn't have me running yesterday. I found out some super amazing news at work (it involves traveling to a place that is literally number one on my long travel wish list. Side note: I never thought I'd be someone who goes on "business trips" - only important people get to travel for work, not peons like me!) which both excited and terrified me. I don't exactly consider myself "qualified for" or even "knowledgeable about" what I've been asked to do, so I'm already having mini-panic attacks two months out. Anyway, I was chock full of energy and had no way of ridding myself of it. Because I am incredibly annoying about not sticking exactly to a training plan, I had to settle for taking a long walk with Bailey after work. It was not the same.

So, there you have it. That's all I've got today. I'll let you know the super exciting place I get to go once plans have been finalized. I know you won't be able to sleep until you know!


Oh wait, almost forgot the obligatory Valentine's comment. I'm a single gal this year (yes, yes, so very sad, whatever) so I don't have pictures of cute things a handsome lad bought for me or anything. Sorry. My one comment is that blogger's evidently realized I'm single and keeps showing me a cartoon heart breaking apart whenever I click on things. It's... unsettling.

And now, I ask and you answer!
  • Ever gone anywhere exciting for work? Was it really fun or all business?
  • How do you rid yourself of excess energy without exercising?
  • Most exciting place you've ever been? Sorry, I've got travel on the brain.


  1. The beach in Thailand is by far the best place I have ever been. I get bored pretty quickly at beaches so I need to be able to hike and then swim. And read a good book. Ah! I need a great beach vacation now!

    1. I'm NOT a fan of the heat, but I love beaches! I guess it's a lot easier to tolerate when you're not stuck in regular clothing. Thailand's beaches look spectacular; I'd love to go some day!

  2. Running in the snow is always fun. Sometimes it's so quiet and peaceful when it's snowing--perfect for a run. I can't believe Blogger gave you a broken heart--that's awful! Just remember that being with no one is better than being with the wrong person. :)

    1. Ahaha, right you are! I wasn't actually offended, more confused. Like, why were the hearts breaking in half? Why not give me a full heart?! Meh, I guess we'll never know.

    2. So, what I noticed on your site on V-day was that if I closed the window, there were breaking hearts. When I clicked on a post to open it, lots of hearts popped up. I was sorta impressed that you knew how to do such a kind of thing...but maybe Blogger did it of its own accord?

    3. I WISH I could take credit for that. I'd like to think there are some brain cells left in this head, but certainly not that many. I'm also glad to hear it wasn't all breaking hearts; it seems there's hope yet for me!

  3. I have never been anywhere exciting for work, really. Except, well, work.

    And there was that one time that a bunch of undergrads scientists went to a conference in New Orleans. I was pretty, well, young - and most shocked that open containers of alcohol were allowed ON THE STREET. Like, publicly. New Jersey doesn't really roll that way.

    Anyway, as a much older, possibly wiser person, I traveled to New Zealand. It ROCKED. Like, amazing scenery (EVERYWHERE), all kinds of outdoor adventures to have, relaxed people, good dairy products, and did I mention that it's beautiful??? ahhhh..... Pretty much from the moment we left, my husband and I were scheming on how to get back...