Saturday, February 9, 2013

Slow and Pretty

Workout: 3 miles, 11:32 average

Today was SO PRETTY.

This wasn't taken today, but it looked the same.

It's one of those days where you're sort of dumbfounded by just how beautiful this place is. It's roughly 40 degrees today, which would usually bug the hell out of me because winter warm weather is almost always accompanied by 60+ mph winds, but not today! Today we got the warmer temps without the wind and without a huge snow melt. It was awesome.

Bailey and I completed run two of marathon training, which consisted of a grueling 3-mile run at a pace not much faster than a walk. Nailed it. I like that I don't have to feel badly about running much slower than I usually do, because according to the brothers Hanson, I'm doing all sorts of rad physiological things to my body that will ultimately make me a stronger runner. Let's hope they're not playing some sick joke on me. For now, I'm for it! I wasn't for getting passed by 6 trillion other runners, though. Fortunately, this wasn't a totally new experience for me.

I went here. There is more snow now.

I couldn't get enough of this incredible weather, so after we finished running we did a loop around the ol' dog park.

There is more snow than this now. It is also not 20 below anymore.

The warmer weather created a problem I haven't encountered in ages. I ran in a long sleeve shirt without any pockets, so I didn't have anywhere to store my shit! This was a constant annoyance for me in the swamp that is New York, but I almost always carried a handheld water bottle with me so I could fit the basics. Since I didn't need water today, though, I didn't need one. I ended up leaving my phone in the car, which is my way of explaining why these photos aren't new (the horror!).

So what's a gal to do? I know I could buy one of those fanny pack things, but I just don't like them. I used to run with one and it led to some serious stomach discomfort. I could go for a smaller one, blah blah blah, but I don't want to because I'd rather complain about it. I think what I'll end up doing, actually, is buying one of those sleeve things you wear on your arm. They seem like they'd work reasonably well. Of course, the odds of these warm temps sticking around are pretty low, so I shouldn't have to worry about this for another couple of months.


The infamous HRG posted something about a movie I'd never heard of called "Spirit of the Marathon" and after blacking out for a few minutes, I woke up to find I had rented it from iTunes. Funny how that happens. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but I'm pumped. Will report back. Or maybe not. Hell, I'm not a movie critic!

Questions are hard to come up with. Hm...

  • East Coasters, tell me about the adorably-named Nemo storm. Seems you finally got some snow? Good for you.
  • What do YOU use to store your things while running? The fanny pack thing? Stuff it in your sports bra? I used to stick my old phone in there until it broke, presumably from excessive exposure to sweat.
  • Ever watched Spirit of the Marathon? I have a feeling sales for that movie just skyrocketed, because everything HRG touches turns to gold.


  1. sheeesh, I am jealous of your view! I've got the lovely treadmill. LOL!

    If I'm outside running in the summer, I have the belt/fanny pack thing..which works great. I really like winter running since everything fits so nicely in the small jacket pocket!

    1. Exactly! I wish there was a mandate requiring that all tank tops have a small zip pocket (because I said so!). It would certainly make my life easier.

      You're right, my view IS fantastic. I wish I could make you feel better about your treadmill view, but I can't-treadmills suck!

  2. A few possible alternatives to the armband thingamajig:

    -I, too, tend to be wary of anything around the waist/hips that I think will be uncomfortable or restrict breathing, but I'm fascinated by this FlipBelt ( It seems like it gets pretty good reviews - I recently recommended it to a client, and sorta wish she'd bought it so I could harass her about how it's working. Alas, she didn't. But if I had immediate plans to group coach again, I'd try to get my hands on one ASAP. I'm intrigued.

    - My client took the budget suggestion: the do-it-yourself option. Check out

    Sorry for posting links in the comments. Is this bad-blogger etiquette? At the very least, it'll probably get me punted into moderation, huh? Ah, well. Whatevs. Hope you enjoy the links, at least. :)

    1. By all means, link away! I feel like I'm sneaking some free coaching advice out of you ;). I'd actually be interested to try the FlipBelt, but I don't know that I'm interested to hit the "buy" button just yet. Maybe once it gets warmer!

  3. SO, so pretty! We got snow and then it immediately melted so everything looks like poo again.

    I run with one of the fanny pack things and always feel like such a tool when I do it so I'm probably not much help, haha. I feel like an elderly tourist in Florida with it on, but I suppose it does the job!