Sunday, January 13, 2013

Just B.S.

WorkoutTHE CORE. At least, half a core. It was tough. Must do it more often.

Anchorage is the absolute wooooorst right now!

Waterworld! Aka the best movie of all time (only sort of kidding).

Is it terrible that I'm kind of hoping the first day of class will be canceled tomorrow (a very real possibility)? I could use the extra time.

I am a celebrity gossip whore. Point blank. I thought the People's Choice Awards were a crock of shit, but I was a big fan of the Golden Globes. Prior to moving back to Alaska, I hadn't had a TV to watch awards shows on in six years, so I am most definitely taking advantage while I can. My sophisticated thoughts from the evening, brought to you by Jeano's nameless twitter account:

I did, in fact, hand Hugh Jackman a program once. Highlight of my time in New York (again, only sort of kidding). I'm also on a HUGE Christoph Waltz kick right now, although I've only seen him in two movies (guess which ones). He is SO ridiculously attractive, and not just in an older man way. Don't fight me on this one!

 Anyway, no exercise today, just bullshit.


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