Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hilarious Gym Outfit

Workout: 3 slow miles, maybe 10:30?

Let's take a look at the hilarious outfit I wore to the gym today:

Terrible hair, you will soon be gone.

Is this not the brightest outfit ever? You can't really tell from this picture, but that shirt is actually mint green. Jesus Christ. When I was frantically throwing my workout shit into a bag before heading to work, I remember saying to myself (in my head, because, um, talking out loud would make me pretty creepy, huh?) "You need a neutral color somewhere in there." Apparently the message didn't make it to my hands because I ended up with this. Also, I felt like a damn fool for wearing compression socks to run a measly 3 miles. Unfortunately the shins demand what they demand. At least the mean girls weren't there to give me shameful looks.

So my shins were even worse today. To be expected, since I ran two days in a row (right now I run four days a week so Monday/Tuesday are my only "two in a row" days), but disappointing nonetheless. There was a fair amount of pain (achy pain, not acute pain, and it doesn't hurt when I walk), but for now I'll just keep on truckin' as planned. That way I get to keep doing the only form of physical exercise I enjoy (besides hiking), and YOU get to watch a slow train wreck in action. It's a win-win!

I was planning to run outside today but had to deal with the plumber this morning (oh joy!) so couldn't do it until after work when it would be dark out. Instead, I drove over to school to use their gym. This gym is ridiculous. Four treadmills for 15,000+ students (that number may actually be closer to 30,000. I honestly have no idea except that it's a huge number). One erg. Not much else. Fortunately, no one seems to know it exists so I've never really had a problem with machine availability.

Tomorrow's a rest day (and haircut day!!) and hopefully I'll be good to go for the 5 mile's Hal's got planned for me on Thursday. 


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