Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oranges, Fresh Off an Alaskan Tree

Workout: 3 totally boring miles 'round the neighborhood

I don't have any interesting stories to regale you with today, so I'll simply post a photo which is sure to make you jealous.

Those are fresh oranges and lemons, straight off the tree. Grown in our very own backyard! No, I'm just shitting you. We don't have orange trees in Alaska. Duh. Educate yourself, you savage. A mysterious distant relative sent them our way. My padres are on vacation and my siblings won't go near fruit, so they're all mine!!! Muahaha.

I went through a roughly six-year phase where I didn't eat oranges (is six years a phase or just a personality trait?) since I never got over the one I peeled while at school in Vermont that was rock hard and grey on the inside. These, however, are heavenly and will be gone in approximately two days.

Tomorrow's a rest day so I doubt you'll hear from me until Thursday. Stay strong, my friends.


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