Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Hiking Break

Workout: hike with my dad, 1 1/2 hours

Guys, the sky this afternoon was ridiculous. SO pretty.

Miphone couldn't do it justice.

Only pretty in one direction, although this doesn't suck.

So I went hiking with my dad this afternoon. Late afternoon, I might add. He asked me if I wanted to go at 3:30, as in, a half hour before the sun goes down, and I obviously said yes, although I admit I had some reservations about it. Can't turn down a hike. We headed out in new matching down jackets (different colors), so, like, the yuppiest, most privileged pair ever.

The light actually wasn't really an issue since it's still light for a while after the sun goes down. There was also a fair amount of light reflecting off the snow. It got a bit iffy towards the end, though. I kept playing out a scene in my head where I screamed at my dad for forcing me to come along and causing me to break my leg (it is okay to lie when playing out a scene in your head), but it turns out I was just being really dramatic.

 Hey Flattop!

I loved how this scene was complete devoid of color. Don't get me wrong, colors are great, but this was a pretty cool effect.

My legs felt great after yesterday's 8 miles. No soreness and only a hint of fatigue on the uphills. I feel so much better than I did after Tuesday's 6 miles, which proves my theory that treadmills are out to kill the human race. This hike was a nice form of "active recovery" or whatever you pros call it.


Apart from yesterday's delightful run and today's short excursion, I've done nothing of note this weekend. The bulk of my time has been devoted to finishing grad school applications. Oh, you thought I was done complaining about those things? Hardly. You probably also thought I was done raging about gun control. That's so cute. The reality is that I just chose to ignore my applications over the holidays. It's a great method, actually: when faced with a problem, pretend it doesn't exist. It's gotten me this far (and by far, I mean moving back in with my parents)!

I lied, I did one other thing of note: I scheduled a haircut for this week. This, my friends, is a big effing deal. I haven't cut my hair since last May. Prior to that, I hadn't cut it in almost a year. I had actually been waiting until I ran my marathon-that-I-didn't-actually-run-because-I-got-a-stress-fracture to cut it, but once my foot died I cut it almost immediately in, I don't know, protest? Can you protest a body part? Anyway, my hair is disgusting and I'll finally get to wear it down without having to apologize to people for my disappointing beauty habits.

And with that, I'm off to write deep thoughts about my career and life goals.


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