Friday, October 19, 2012


Workout: nada. Unless you count walking the dog twice and doing the happy dance.

All photos will be instagrammed from now on.

The reason for my happy dance? I have a phone. This is happy because I haven't had a phone in a month. It broke one day before my birthday. Super awesome timing. For about a week after it broke, I pulled a Jean and chose to ignore it, hoping beyond hope it would magically turn back on. Once I finally admitted it was gone, I got an iPhone. Not just any iPhone... an iPhone 4!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I like to be hip and on the cutting edge of technology. Or also because my 4 was free with a contract renewal.

Well, the thing arrived at my house and it was glorious, only the damn thing wouldn't activate. Come to find out, you can't activate Verizon phones in Alaska. It has to be sent to the lower 48 so someone else can activate it and send it back to you. A very efficient system. So great of them to not tell me before I ordered it. Why did I even stick with Verizon, you ask? Too many reasons. The most reasons.

The Verizon tech person I talked to seriously suggested I drive to the lower 48, activate my phone, and drive back. Listen, dude, I've done that drive. It takes a week. Thanks for your very sensible and economical suggestion. I sent it to a friend to activate and two weeks later (express shipping is out of my budget), I finally have it back. It's been rough. I was a little too excited and read blogs on my phone for an hour because I can until I realized I don't have unlimited data anymore. Whoops.

So about those two miles I planned to run today... they didn't happen. I spent a lot of the day at a convention for work and by the time I got home, I was wiped. Not to mention I've got a pretty strenuous hike on the docket for tomorrow. Can't wait to instagram some mountains. I'll try to get 5 in on Sunday if I can still move.

I took my dog on a walk after work and took the above photo. I was so excited to have a camera with me again that I was desperate to take a picture of anything and everything. I ended up with trees.


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