Friday, January 25, 2013

A Perfect (and Sentimental) Outing

Workout: walk with the dog

This morning's outing was perfect. Magical, even. Do you ever have that feeling where you are so incredibly happy in the moment that you're also kind of sad that it's going to end? It's similar to my thoughts on Christmas-being nostalgic for something you're doing in that moment. It's a strange, strange feeling. All I could think this morning was "Cherish this, take it all in, it's not often a day like today comes around." But it's kind of like trying to force yourself to empty your mind; it just doesn't work. It's hard to fully appreciate it while you're doing it, and later when you're able to appreciate it the details that made it so special are gone. I mean, in the moment you can chant to yourself "This is amazing" over and over again (which, believe me, I did plenty of this morning), but that's really weird. It also doesn't work.

I think the desire to hold onto moments like this is reinforced by the fact that my days in Alaska are numbered. Moving back to Alaska was really just a means to an end (getting to grad school). I missed the mountains, of course, but the main motivator was financial (the fact that my parents were willing to house me). If all works out as planned, I will be heading out-of-state come this fall, and so in reality I won't have a chance to experience many more days like this.

I'll shut up about feelings (I'm not much of a "feelings" person) and get to it already. So why was this morning so awesome? Did I explore new trails, run a PR, make a new friend? No. I set out with my dumb dog to take a walk on the same trail we frequent these days because the parking's free.

When we started, it was snowing like mad. I mean, really coming down (hence the weird specks in these photos). The views were obscured, but it was incredibly peaceful. We were the only ones out there, everything was delightfully muffled because of the snow (I LOVE that effect), and Mumford & Sons was providing me with my very own quiet soundtrack (come to think of it, perhaps my sentimentality was artificial and ALL THEIR FAULT). In other words, perfect.

Hazy Flattop

As the walk progressed, it continued to snow, but the sky started clearing up in the distance. By the time we finished, those pesky views were back! When it's clear out, it really is hard to beat Anchorage's views.

Sleeping Lady

A random, meaningless sign. Not only is this trail not one-way, but the sign points directly into the woods

We were out there for a total of about an hour, but if I didn't have to make it to work, we would have stayed much longer. I can only hope we get another day like this soon!


Today I realized you can both create videos on a smartphone and post said videos to the internet so here's one of Bailey and another one of her sticks. I have no idea whatsoever if this will work but if it does, turn your volume off. The way I speak to my dog is revolting.


And with that, we end the most sentimental post you'll ever find here on JJ-o.

My questions for YOU:
  • Ever feel sad about the end of a moment before it's even over?
  • Are you planning to move anytime soon?
  • Do you talk to your dog in as revolting a tone as I do?


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