Sunday, December 23, 2012

Post-(non)-Apocalypse Embarrassment

Workout: 7 miles, 9:45 average

MISS ME?! Because I sure as hell didn't miss you (by "you" I mean my automated sexbot readers). Truth is, I've been hiding out in my underground bomb shelter because the world was supposed to end. December 22 was a little awkward at the office. But really, I've just got friends in town. It's hard being this cool.

Yesterday I helped out at a Food Bank of Alaska event so didn't run. I made up for it by hitting up the always beautiful Coastal Trail today for 7 miles. It was delightful. I started on a new portion of the trail and ran north instead of south. I had to keep Bailey on a leash much more than I typically like, but in return for my responsible dog ownership I got to run right along the water. It was awesome, if a little windy.

The most beautiful city in my world.



This run went really well. Bailey got a distance PR and I got a post-stress fracture PR. I kept the pace relatively easy and felt fine during and after. I will say that running for more than an hour these days seems like an awfully long time. I don't really listen to music on runs anymore for safety reasons and because I don't need to block out dumb city noise like I did in New York, which may have something to do with it. There was a time when 10 miles passed in a (peanut butter) Jiffy.

If you care:

You have to stop a lot when you're running with a questionably trained dog. It's my parents' fault.

I was pretend listening to this song for almost the entire run. Damn you and your breaking up, Civil Wars! I can't get enough of these guys. Every time I think I've heard all of their songs, I stumble upon a new one. I don't think they would have broken up if they knew that the Jogging Jeano would be so pissed about it. I realized roughly halfway through my run that the lyrics were actually really relevant to what I was doing: "Run, run, run away;" "Run, run, run and hide;" "Run fast as you can." Also, I love Hunger Games. The end.


I love Christmas but haven't really had time to think much about it. Now that I finally have time, I'm trying to cram a whole lotta Christmas spirit into three days. I'm already depressed it's almost over.


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