Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wind Is Coming

Workout: moaning in despair over this disastrous weather

If you bothered to click on that link (you didn't), we've been "advised" of the possibility of 100 mph winds this afternoon. Delightful. I should probably be showering since the power could very well go out, but whatever; dedication, folks.

Here's some shitty pictures of shitty weather from today:

Slush! Oh joy!

Whazat? It's Jeano's soul being crushed.

It's been raining. In December.

But hey, at least wet dog's cute (and smelly).

I'm mostly bummed because I was going to go hiking today. That obviously did not happen. Guess it's a Harry Potter/grad school application kinda day. To be concluded with a Django Unchained bloodbath. Happy trails, kids. Here's hoping we don't lose power.


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