Wednesday, December 5, 2012

To Be Continued...


Y'all are crazy. I write a bullshit post about nothing yesterday and suddenly my page views jump up? On the one hand, maybe it means I'm a whiz and can write interesting things without even trying. On the other hand, it suggests that perhaps my bullshit is better than the stuff I put an effort into writing (the idea being I should just give it all up). I'll choose to ignore that possibility.

Today's Anchorage-y photo theme: COLORS!

 This building is atrociously ugly, but its colors are delightful.


I was cruising the blogosphere this morning, as I tend to do, and I happened to come upon this review, which pissed me off. I want to be clear that I mean nothing against the blogger herself; she's fine. Great, even. I read her stuff. My issue is with shoe companies using the "barefoot running craze" to sell shoes when they clearly don't care about/understand the whole idea behind barefoot running at all. This shoe advertises itself as being "the next best thing to naked feet," despite the fact that wearing it is pretty much the shoe equivalent of being on another planet. There is no similarity whatsoever. A zero-drop shoe isn't barefoot. It's just a zero-drop shoe.

Let's put aside the whole "is minimalism dumb?" question. That's a discussion for another day (another 'nother day-too much anger surrounding that issue). "Barefoot running" means running barefoot. Period. I'm not a barefoot runner (except during the odd mile when I am). If my shoes don't count as barefoot, neither do those damn shoes. 

Love these things

So what's my point? I don't have one, really. It just pisses me off that companies can slap a buzzword like "barefoot" on everything to sell more product, and it bothers me even more that doing so actually works. Ugh.


In other news, it's still cold.

I think I may have finally hit my temperature limit. I have four miles to jog tomorrow and I may just decide to do them inside. I was curious to see when this would happen. Now, I could most definitely run outside and be completely fine. I'd warm up in a few minutes. I'd probably even enjoy it. But I guess that somewhere around -10 degrees my mental game collapses. Although now I'm worried that I've just challenged myself to run outside tomorrow. To be continued...


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