Thursday, December 6, 2012

An Awkward Reunion

Workout: 4 miles, pace  unknown

I'll get to that oh-so-mysterious "pace unknown" in a second (that's called "pretending you've got something really exciting to talk about but not talking about it yet, thereby forcing people to keep reading"-at least, I think that's the technical term). So my challenge from yesterday? Nailed it. 4 miles outside. And just as I suspected, it was no big deal. Really. It wasn't actually 15 below, so that certainly helped, but it was definitely still below zero. Eight below? I don't know. Does it matter? It was cold enough to freeze my coffee.

#coffeefail. And YES, I instagrammed even this piece of shit picture. Deal with it. I ended up waiting an hour for this to thaw enough so I could spoon it out. #AKproblems #stophashtagging

So, about that pace unknown. UGH. Big ole rookie mistake. My garmin ran out of batteries. This doesn't happen to me. In fact, it's literally never happened to me. I usually freak out about it running out of batteries when it's at like 90%. The one thing in life I'm anal about. It's a tragedy, really. What if I only ran 3.96 miles and not 4 miles? I'll never amount to anything! Anyway, I was pissed. I'm pretty sure the heat (or lack thereof) had something to do with it. So no splits for you today. Just believe me when I tell you they were 3 minute miles, NBD. But really, it was probably something around 9:45/mile. But who knows for sure. It's the eighth wonder of the world (15th? How many of those have we got these days?).

I ran at a new place! Well, sort of. It was right next to the scenic road to school, but it was trail-ish and woodsy so that was nice. I spent about a mile getting there from school, spent two miles on the trail, and then one final mile getting back to school.

I've pulled a fast one on you. This is almost exactly the same picture as the one above, only I focused my camera on the sky and not the trees. 

Run felt great, body felt great, blah blah blah thanks Hal you're the best, lemme buy you a drink sometime. I felt like I could have kept going for miles.


I had kind of a weird experience at work. Let me preface this story by saying that three years ago, I had a summer job as a nature counselor. You read that right. A nature counselor. I don't think I had even talked to a kid before I took that job, and I knew that I would either be the most hated counselor or most beloved. There would obviously be no in-between. Fortunately, it ended up being the latter. They called me Lynx (we weren't allowed to tell them our real names, which now that I think about it, is fucking weird), and I'm pretty sure I had at least one kid hanging off of me every waking moment that summer. It was actually a ridiculously fun job, at least when I wasn't having to come up with an endless number of nature activities (which, by the way, is HARD. Apparently "nature walks" every day of the week aren't acceptable educational activities).

Anyway, my story. One of my favorite campers was this sweet girl named E (no, I'm not going to tell you this kid's real name, are you crazy? The internet's a creepy place, y'all). Well, my office building had a holiday party tonight, and I suddenly saw E. As she came running by, we happened to lock eyes, and I'm pretty sure there was some recognition there. So what did we do? Did we have a joyful reunion and reminisce about the good old days? No. What we did was pretend we didn't know each other. I was so embarrassed. What am I, two years old? No. I'm (ostensibly) an adult. It's my job to make this kid uncomfortable as hell by forcing her to acknowledge that we know each other (but then having tons of fun remembering the aforementioned good old days!!). Oh well. Twenty-five and still learning basic life lessons.

Counselor Jeano.


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