Saturday, December 29, 2012

Difficult Deliberations

Workout: 4.5 slow miles on the treadmill, many hours of dancing (it counts if it's past midnight, house rules!)

So about those 7 miles... my bad. Last night turned out to be ridiculously booze-filled, and when I woke up at 12:30 I hardly knew which way was up. Apparently grandma can't hang with the kids anymore. I then proceeded to waste away in bed for a few more hours, during which the concept of running barely registered. I finally decided I needed to do something, at least, but then spent another hour or so wondering whether to use a recently-procured guest pass to the fancy pants gym in town or use our shit 'mill in the hot, windowless basement. In case you hadn't heard (what's wrong with you?), Anchorage was disgusting today with extremely high winds and temperatures in the 40s, which pretty much ruled out outdoor running (think ice sheets). In the end, the necessity of having a bathroom/vomit receptacle VERY CLOSE BY, and the desire to watch a newly-rented Harry Potter movie on iTunes (side note: I'm on a huge HP kick right now. I hated the first two movies and vowed never to see another, but in my confused hungover state I gave the second to last movie a shot. It was a great success) decided it: hot, windowless basement treadmill or bust.

I had grand delusions of feeling incredible once I started running and finishing the full 7 miles, but roughly 30 seconds in I axed that goal and told myself I'd be happy with 4.5. 4.5 it was! I'll do 7 on Monday.


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