Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Workout: unclear

I haven't decided whether I'm going to run today. I know, I know, I said my weird foot pain is gone, but almost immediately after I wrote that, I felt something. It's not even really noticeable, but I'm a freak so I'm mildly flipping out (if that's possible-I guess that would just mean "worried"). I may try some jogging later just to see what's up.

It's snow central here in Anchorage!!

I was only at work for three hours.

I've gotten over my fear of winter driving for the most part, but downtown kind of looked like a war zone when I left (my office closed down because of shitty roads). I almost couldn't get out of the parking lot (there was a lot of tire spinning), but once I did, I was actually having a lot of fun driving around. It was sort of like Mario Kart, only without the cute cloud man that helps you out when you wipe out. The fun lasted for approximately 5 minutes when I had to get on the highway. It blew. Every time I had to switch lanes there was a second where I thought, "This could be the last thing I ever do." I'm not dramatic. Spoiler alert: I made it home in one piece. Anchorage kicks ass at plowing snow, so assuming it stops coming down at some point, I think the roads will be fine by tomorrow.

On a depressing note, this news story freaked me out. Basically, this serial killer who killed a local barista admitted to police that at one point he hid in the woods exactly where I've been running and planned to kill a couple hanging out in the parking lot. He ditched his plan when two cops showed up, but it got me to thinking about my own safety. Now, the odds of a serial killer hanging out in the woods waiting to shoot me and my dog are slim to none, but on the other hand, as this random website just told me, lightning most certainly can strike twice. I'm not saying I'm not going back to the Coastal Trail. That would be dumb. But I am saying I'm going to have to think about it some.

Random: I was doing the Times crossword last night (obsessed), and one name in particular seemed out of place. You see it? What's an allegedly attractive but REALLY, TOTALLY, NOT AT ALL football player doing editing the Times crossword digest? And where the hell is my man Shortz? Oh, you mean you haven't seen Wordplay? Get on it, that movie's the shit. I'm looking back at old crosswords (as one tends to do) and this Brady character is all over the place, with nary a Shortz to be found. What's the deal? I'm confused.  Edited to add: when I said "confused," I really meant dumb. The football star edits the Digest, not the Crossword. This is why I'll never amount to anything.


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