Thursday, December 13, 2012

In Which I Awkwardly Praise My Readers

Workout: I should probably just get rid of this daily recap

And thus continues one of the most sedentary weeks of my life. I wish I could say that was an exaggeration. My gimp foot that doesn't even really hurt is a good enough excuse for sitting on my ass, but I'm also just busy.

First off, a photo. Let's slap an Anchorage-y label on it so we can cross that off the list.

The remains of yesterday's dump

I happen to think this is hilarious. That is an obese man, on his knees, handing something to a confusingly short fellow obese man. And they're covered in snow. I was kind of in a post-final daze when I decided it was hilarious so I could be way off. There are a surprising number of similar statues on my campus (did I just call it my campus? I don't know that I've ever considered it "my school" before. A thought for another day).

Today was the most anticlimactic end of finals ever. In past years, I could be found drinking myself into a merry stupor (sorry, typo; I meant celebrating in a healthy, responsible, and totally sophisticated manner), but not today. Today I got to spend the rest of my day working and writing an endless number of application essays. I could, and very much do, go on at length about the hell that is writing these things, but I'll spare you.

I know you're rage reading right now. I can hear it. "Jeano, if your life's so stressful as you WON'T LET US FORGET, why the fuck are you on the interblogs spewing your shit?" First off, how do I copyright "interblogs?" Secondly, thank you for your concern. It means a lot to me. Moving on, I am usually laid back to the point of extreme annoyance, but there is something about this blog that compels me to write each and every single day. Of all things to be anal about, I chose this piece of shit. To each its own. Although dare I say that blogging has actually helped me in the soul-sucking endeavor that is writing these statements of purpose? No, really, it has.  Now, you may think what I write is shit, and you'd be absolutely right. However, forcing myself to get something down on the electronic page each and every day has made the whole process of writing less intimidating. I guess what I'm trying to say is, thanks readers-who-are-probably-actually-sexbots. You mean a lot to me. My final reason for blogging is so obvious it hardly warrants mention: I'll link to this video that I didn't actually watch (because, let's face it, it's probably dumb) instead. 

Fortunately, not everything sucked this week. For example, I started listening to this song incessantly. I can't stop. I'm not a god-fearing person (or even a "god person"), but I have an unexplained attachment to these kinds of songs. It helps that the (no longer) Civil Wars sing it. It's just so happy! I don't know any of the lyrics, so for all I know it could be depressing as shit, but it makes me want to jig.


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