Saturday, December 8, 2012


Workout: 6 miles, 9:47 average

Heyo, new PSF (that's "post-stress fracture" for the uninitiated, which is everyone) distance PR! It wasn't fast, it wasn't hard (at all, really), and nothing interesting happened, but it was a momentous occasion nonetheless!

I ran on the Coastal Trail and it was splendid.

You may notice things look a little grey. That's because, FINALLY, we are supposed to get a dump (we're talking snow, here). Hopefully multiple dumps, if the forecast isn't full of it. It wasn't lying about the higher temps, which is a good sign. It's supposed to get up to 27 (!!) tomorrow, if you can believe it. Get out your Coronas and some sunglasses, kids, we're in for a heat wave.

I went back to the part of the Coastal Trail I always seem to go to. I want to go somewhere else, I really do, but I like that I can have Bailey off leash when I go here. That dog has an unlimited supply of energy so letting her run (literal) circles around me the entire time means she gets to run about twice as far as I do.

I got off to a slow start and then settled into a surprisingly consistent pace.

I didn't really feel like taking pictures so didn't stop as much as I usually do, which probably helped.

My run's elevation profile made me laugh (it's the little things, right?) so I'm posting it.

Overall, a very successful 5+ mile run. Hopefully the first of many.

Before I get knee-deep in tax policy and Taylor series, here's a moose for you.

Have a good weekend, folks.


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