Sunday, November 18, 2012

Coastal Trail Fun and a Yaktrax Question

Workout: 4 miles at a snail's pace (roughly 10:35 average)

A question for anyone who knows anything about Yaktrax: do they work when you're running on snow? Like, not icy roads, but just plain snow? I'd like to try some out, but I feel like on snow they wouldn't have anything to grip so may be useless. I realize I have approximately -20 readers or so, but perhaps someone will drop by and take pity on the girl who's sliding all over the place...

... which leads me to today's run. I went somewhere new! I decided to ditch the mountains for a day and run along the ocean.

You see that stuff in the water? That's ice. It looks really cool in person because it's being pushed along by a current or whatever, so it flows by really quickly.

I was planning to take Bailey to the dog park, but as I was pulling out of my driveway I suddenly changed my mind and headed to Point Woronzof along Anchorage's infamous Coastal Trail instead.

Sleep, lady, sleep!

The summer before my senior year, I used to run here all the time. It's a beautiful trail that runs along the water for miles and miles, and best of all (well, depending on what you like to run on), it's almost completely flat. Considering that almost any other place you run in Anchorage is hilly as hell, this is a welcome reprieve. Today, though, my run was HARD because of the snow on the trail. I was up for a challenge, though, so I went for it.

My stats were totally messed up because a) I always hit the lap button when I finish running even though I always finish running at a full mile so there's no need, and b) I got into my car and drove off before I remembered to stop it. Let's just pay attention to the first four miles, shall we?

Someday, I will run a 1:30 mile.

My run took me through the woods

with some nice views off to my side.

My legs felt fine after yesterday's hike, but I definitely put in a pretty hard effort on this run. I was wearing my Softstars,


and as I mentioned before, I have good enough traction that I wasn't going to fall and break my ankle or anything, but each time I went to take another step, the foot on the ground would slip back a bit. It's kind of like running in sand. Hard! But a welcome challenge.

I just realized I don't have any assignments due this coming week (yay Thanksgiving!), so I'm about to overdose on FNL. I, um, only have one season left. I started watching it a little over a week ago. I am obsessed.

Give me all your yaktrax knowledge, please.


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