Friday, November 23, 2012

Bonding Experiences

Workout: 2-hour hike with pops

First, what have I been up to this week? Here's a recap:

Saturday: 3-ish hour hike partway up Wolverine
Sunday4 miles along a trail with which I've rekindled my love
Monday: 3 miles around UAA's ice rink during hockey practice
Tuesday: boring and forgettable cross training between classes
Wednesday: 3.5 miles along my new obsession
Thursday: 2.5 thankless and whiny miles around the neighborhood

Total: 13 miles of running, 5 hours hiking, 1 forgettable hour of cross training

I was thinking today should be a rest day since my legs were so tired yesterday, but my dad wanted to go on a post-Thanksgiving detox hike so I obliged. It was a beautiful day and temps had warmed up to around 18 so I was happy about it. Our walk actually took almost two hours so it was less low-key than I was hoping for, but we were moving at a pretty leisurely pace so I think I'll feel fine by tomorrow. This would actually be a pretty great run for some day when I'm looking to really kick my ass. I'll have to make it happen sometime.

I was pissed that I was feeling some pain in my shin since we were only walking. It was barely noticeable, but it was there. I blame it on the fact that I finally took off my compression socks for, like, the first time since I got them.

Look at me blabbering on. I know you only come here for the pictures and not for my deep insights on life, painfully good looks, and blazing speed, so here you go:

Powerline! When it's steep as shit (I don't run this section-leave that to the pros)

We went hiking back there a couple of weeks ago

Before our hike, my dad and I had another bonding experience: he decided I needed a flu shot and said he'd pay for it. Oh joy! Some people give chocolate, others give flu shots. To each his own. Turns out flu shots are $31 a pop? Also turns out Walgreens doesn't accept insurance for them. But when it's someone else's dime, what's $30? I was kind of pissed they didn't have the advertised nasal spray vaccine. Fun fact: I'm kind of a wimp. My pride prevents me from making a fuss when I'm in pain, but I'm pretty sure I've got a low pain threshold. I usually avoid getting a flu shot because I'm a bad samaritan, but I'm glad I bit the bullet and did it this year.

I've been slowly plodding through Steve Jobs's biography and continue to be blown away by what a weirdo he was. Last night I read about how after getting a liver transplant, a doctor tried to put an oxygen mask on him when we was still sedated and although Jobs could barely talk, he told the doctor he didn't like the mask design and refused to wear it. He told the man to show him five different oxygen masks, and he would choose the one he liked best. True story.

If you had today off, I hope you did something cool, or if you just sat on your ass, it's okay-it's not even the weekend yet! If you were at work, I feel sorry for you.


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