Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Nerdday

WorkoutTHE CORE, pilates

Today was not a lazy Sunday. Yes, I spent most of the day on my ass, but I was sitting on my ass at school doing homework. But first, I went to the dog park!

That is a lake. It is frozen.

My mom came with me so we chilled while walking around the lake and laughing at our freak of a dog. Because of the time change and my old geezer habits, we were there at like 9:00 a.m. and had the place mostly to ourselves (or maybe it was the 10 degree temperature...). The hardy folks who came out tended to have hardy dogs, however, so Bailey was even more terrified than usual.

The dog park's right next to school, so I headed over there to use the computer lab that had computers with Stata.

This is a revealing photo. First, despite my hideous shoe collection, I do have normal shoes. Also, I need a haircut. Finally, a little color wouldn't hurt, eh?

Turns out my geezer habits are too geezer-y even for a university, and the lab wasn't open yet. I did some other homework until it opened, 

Terrible picture, nice study view

and then spent about four hours Stata-ing away. Using that program is kind of like playing a video game, so I was cool with it (not cool in general, though-like a video game? Really, Jean?).

Now I'm writing this boring post, but I'm due for some ass-kissing so am about to take on THE CORE and throw in some pilates because I can. Tomorrow I start my novice plan, so that's cool. I've already started to threaten my shin with amputation, so hopefully that won't be an issue.


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