Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Frosty Face

Workout: 3.5 miles, 10:09 average

Secret's out: Alaska's cold. Today it was 4 below zero. Perfect. I was determined to run outside and brought all my gear with me to my first class, but I'll admit, I was sorely tempted to ditch that plan and run at the track once I stepped outside again. There were a lot of f-bombs being thrown around. In the end, I told myself to shut up and just deal with it. And so I did! Funny thing about running, though: it creates body heat. Lots of it. Within five minutes I was sweating my ass off and was wishing I hadn't worn so many layers.

I even got to take one of these awesome pictures.

Frosty face pictures are awesome, right? I'm not imagining things? It wouldn't be the first time. I had to crop the picture because I somehow had frost all over my face which made me look like I've got a hairy face. I don't, I promise. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

So, my run. I went back to this pretty li'l place. Well, I actually ran from school so didn't make it to that awesome single track I'm obsessed with now. Another day, perhaps.

The sun was still kind of rising when I got there, which did pretty things to the sky.

I don't have much to add to Monday's pictures. I did see this cool bench, though.

I want one.

I was running along, humming this song I really, really want to hate but just can't, when suddenly I ran into this guy.

I guess "this guy's ass" would be more accurate. Bummer. I made a very timid move to run past but decided I was too close for comfort so I turned around.

Instead, I went and took a picture from the bridge I took a picture from on Monday. How meta (side note: I've never bothered to look up "meta" in the dictionary, so I use it to describe anything trippy. Don't argue with me on this one).

My stats were stats. Moose ass slowed me down some, as did taking my meta picture.


I had a really bizarre experience while driving home. I bit into an apple and suddenly thought, "My god, this tastes just like apple juice!!!" I was, in fact, eating an apple so maybe this isn't as bizarre as I thought it was, but I have never thought apple juice tastes like apples, even when it comes straight from the fruit. Never. But each and every bite of this thing tasted exactly the same. Meta.


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