Friday, November 16, 2012

Chilly Weekly Roundup

Workout: not freezing to death. Here's a summary of the past week:

Saturday4 HARD, snowy miles at Powerline
Monday3 miles
Tuesday2 miles at the ice rink
WednesdayTHE CORE
Thursday3 miles at the ice rink

Total: 12 jogged miles, two THE COREs

I didn't realize I ran 12 miles this week. Although that's a pathetically small number, it's remarkable that I ran it almost entirely shin-pain-free. I haven't been able to do that since I fractured my foot! I guess slow and easy really is the way to build up your mileage. I'm also happy I've started doing Lauren's strength workout to supplement what little running I do. It's definitely getting easier, and I'm starting to get one of those awesome thigh bulges strong people have (you know what I'm talking about? Not that kind of bulge, you perv). It's also probably because of all the hiking I've been doing, plus the fact that I'm trying to run on hilly terrain. That obviously doesn't happen when I run at the ice rink, but hey, sometimes I just don't want to wear 500 layers to go for a run. Plus, I feel like I'm flying when I do run around that thing, even if I have to count each and every lap on my fingers. Overall, running's been swell.

Guys, it's cold today, even for me. I took Bailey for a walk over an hour ago and my toes are still numb. This is troubling. I'm not complaining though, no no no. After the hot hell I experienced in New York City for two years, I will never again curse cold weather (don't quote me on that).

I have three outdoors options for tomorrow. Two are hikes. One is the four miles I'm supposed to run. All will be cold (the high tomorrow is 16! Aye). The four miles will almost certainly be pushed to Sunday, so that leaves me with the two hikes. One is 2.5 miles straight uphill, the other is gentler but in an area I hike all the time. So what am I going to do? I have no idea. I'll figure it out when I wake up.

Today was pretty. The sun is setting around 4:00 these days (seven hours of sunlight and it's still November...), so I snapped these shots while still at work.

The ocean! I bet you forgot/didn't know Anchorage is on the Pacific. Mountains, oceans-we've got it all!

That's all I've got. Enjoy your Friday you krazy kids.


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