Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dog-less Dog Park Goers

WorkoutTHE CORE, trip to the dog park

In what may just become a new tradition, I took Bailey to the dog park. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, which means there were Anchorage-ites everywhere.

This also meant there were a lot of people without dogs. I don't totally understand why someone would go to a dog park without a dog. Right? There was a group of about twenty older people with trekking poles walking around the lake, and I had to try my darnedest to avoid them. I don't mind people without dogs, not at all, but these people tend to get really pissed when a dog runs up to them. I mean, a dog at a dog park-kind of par for the course, isn't it? These people also always seem to be wearing light pants, which is really great when it gets muddy, as is often the case May-September. But hey, at least they're not skiers!

Apart from the woman who was, no joke, carrying around a saw and cutting down "invasive trees" (what?), and the woman who flipped out when her dogs ran up to mine because "no, no, they have lice!!" (double what?), it was a totally unremarkable walk. Bailey had fun though, despite hightailin' it every time a dog tried to sniff her (the horror!).


I foresee homework in my future, and a ridiculous amount of Friday Night Lights. HRG got me thinking about it again, and once I saw it was on Netflix, it was all over. My May 2008 discovery of free internet t.v. almost ruined finals then, and I'm pretty sure FNL is going to ruin this week's tests now. Sacrifices, people.

Happy trails y'all (I watch FNL now and am therefore qualified to say y'all).


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