Sunday, November 25, 2012

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Workout: jackshit (and maybe THE CORE later if I feel up to it)

I deserve a rest day, god dammit, so I'm taking one. I looked at my high-tech calendar I write my stuff on (it's got pictures of hardcore mountaineers in action that make me feel just a bit inadequate) and it's been nine days. I am not a successful athlete (or even an athlete), so there's no reason for this. It's time. I'm doing the sore calf shuffle presumably from yesterday's run. This hasn't happened in a while, and since I spent my entire weekend ignoring real responsibility, I've got to get on it today. It should do me some good.

I can't take my gd new socks off. Can't. Won't. I managed to semi-convince myself that I need to take them off once in a while to, I don't know, allow the blood to circulate better? I think that's how it works. But still, I won't take them off. Maybe subconsciously I think my shin pain will come back if I do. I keep telling myself I'll wear them to bed and take them off during the day, but then it's cold during the day so I wear them then too. I know, it's a really tough life I lead.

I can't quit you (or that cellulite I still insist isn't there)

I'm not positive, but I may just take Bailey to the dog park sometime today. Bailey would make a great case study on the power of optimism. When she wants to go for a walk, she'll go screaming down towards the garage (as though we're heading out) again and again. Usually it works. Or, when we're about to turn back into my driveway at the end of a walk, she'll ignore it and keep walking ahead, presumably thinking I'll miss it if she doesn't draw attention to it. Again, this usually works. What a manipulator. 

A most noble manipulator.



So, Lincoln. I saw it yesterday. I know a lot of people said it was boring as hell, and that those who liked it tend to have sticks up their asses, so I guess I've got one up mine because I thought it was great! I obviously loved DDL and JGL (if you don't know who they are, scram!), and Tommy Lee Jones gave such a good performance while James Spader added some humor, but most of all I was just really interested in the story. I am a huge admirer of history nerds, but much as I (halfheartedly) try, I can't become one. I hate history. I'll see a nonfiction book that looks like the most interesting thing ever written, get three pages into it and vow never to pick it up again. I just don't like reading about history. I should never be given any sort of meaningful power because if I were, I'd repeat past mistakes over and over again. Anyway, I didn't realize just how contentious the passing of the 13th Amendment was, or the context in which it was passed (just before the Civil War ended). Also, huge props to Lincoln. Man did good (I've been told the movie was pretty historically accurate-feel free to call me stupid if I'm wrong). You're dumb if you come here for movie reviews so really, who cares what I think? But you should considering seeing it.


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