Monday, November 26, 2012

Hey Jeano, Give Some New Trails a Chance!

Workout: 3.5 miles, 10:17 average

Today I went to another place I've been to before but kind of forgot about in my haste to spend as much time as possible at Powerline. Seems those assholes are good for something, at least.

I parked at the dog park but instead of running around the lake, which can be annoying because of all the dog dodging, I headed down a path that kind of circumvents it (okay, okay, I really just wanted an excuse to post an AD video) before leading to some pretty wonderful stuff.

At first I was just on a cement path, but then I veered off onto the cross country ski trails. Since we've hardly gotten any snow this winter (despite getting off to an early start!), the skiers have abandoned their usual trails in favor of Powerline, which means they're free to be run all over! Suckers.

After meandering for a bit on ski trails, I came out on something really awesome...

Single track! That's legit single track, right? RIGHT?! I wouldn't actually know, but I think it's true. It's no California single track but it'll do.

Unfortunately, my single track only lasted for a fraction of a mile because I had to turn around. I snapped one more picture (side note: I spent TOO MUCH TIME taking pictures-as I've said before, sometimes we bloggers must make sacrifices for the sake of our very questionable art)...

Classic Alaska scenery

... and headed back to my car.

I continue to be amazed by how great my shins feel, and I'm pretty sure Hal's my little running guardian angel. A+, body. You've done well.

This looks cool and misty, but really my phone just fogged up.

Not that it matters, but here's what my garmin took away from this run:

It's probably pretty obvious where I entered trail stuff. 

Consistent I am not

That's all I've got. Buhbye, kids!


  1. oooh the pictures are lovely! I'd love to run somewhere like that for a change! :D

    1. Thanks! It makes going for a run in freezing cold wearher much more enjoyable! Your pictures are great too, Toronto looks like a pretty awesome city!