Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Random Shit Tuesday

Workout: 2 miles around my ice rink

I present you Random Shit Tuesday, where we shit randomness! In case it's not obvious, I'm running out of "use the words shit and random in a sentence!" ideas. A request for a new shtick has been sent upstairs (aka my brain), but word's still out on how we're going to deal with it. Stay tuned.
  • School and figuring my life out have really been stressing me out lately. Fortunately, I only foresee the madness continuing for another couple of weeks, at which point my couch will be my new best friend. At least my cage comes with a great view:
My phone camera sucks so you probably thought that's a flaming asteroid, but it's just the moon.

  • Today's Anchorage-y photo was taken while driving around town for work. I went to a bunch of Alaska Native corporations, and those buildings have the COOLEST art. I tend to think of the area I was in (and, frankly, 90% of Anchorage that isn't the mountains) as kind of a dump (think Texas Row and trashy strip malls as far as the eye can see), but these buildings were pretty awesome. I'm no expert on Native art, not by any means, but I do consider myself a huge fan. There were actually a lot of much cooler things than this, but I felt like a dweeb taking pictures of them so you will take what I give you.

  • It is 4 degrees out right now. That wench Bailey has decided it's her God-given right to be walked by me twice a day, and I have done nothing to discourage it. Walking her requires some extra layers these days:

  • I realized this morning that I am incapable of putting my pants on left leg first. I'm still not sure whether it's a mental or physical problem (okay, it's mental). For some insane reason I attempted to put them on in the wrong order today and had to take my left leg out and start all over again. Tough life over here.
  • I finally understand what y'all mean when you talk about how to got compression socks on. I read somewhere you should put them on like panty hose, which means rolling them down. Well, I've worn panty hose maybe once in my life, and odds are they were physically forced onto my body by a mom wishing her daughter could just act like a girl for once (it took a few years, but we finally made it!), so I didn't get it. I knew there was some rolling involved, so my way of doing it was pulling them on as far as they would go and then rolling them down and trying to pull them up farther. It didn't make sense then and it doesn't make sense now. To all you little Jeanoes (plural Jeano?) out there, roll the sock down until it's like half as long as it usually is before even putting it anywhere near your foot. You should be able to pull the entire thing on at once and then just unroll it. That's probably living 101 right there but I just now figured it out. To new knowledge!
  • If you haven't (you haven't), you should read this restaurant review. It will be the best five minutes of your day. I mean, I hate Guy Fieri with a burning passion, but I guess I can understand why people like him. Too bad his restaurant sucks. Also, Times Square? Really? I guess it fits right in with Crapplebees.

That's all for now, you krazy kids. Go do something fun.


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