Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Back to Blissfully Ignorant Things

Workout: 4 miles

Well, I've started semi-normally reading blogs again (I've just been opening them in Reader and then collapsing them because it bothers me to have unread posts in my stream). I wasn't avoiding them out of protest or anything, they just seemed more boring than usual. I will say that I continue to see post after post about how "This isn't a time for anger, this is a time to come together and support the victims while they heal." It made me wonder briefly whether I'm an asshole but it's okay, because I decided I'm not.

It just bothers me to no end that there's this pervasive attitude, especially around these oatmeal blogs, that "Well, yes, it's all very tragic, but there's nothing we can do about it so we should just pray this doesn't happen again." But guys, this is America, god dammit! We're always talking about how we can do whatever we want! Whether you think the problem is gun control, our mental health system, or (ugh) not having enough religion in school, there are things you can do to change the status quo. I don't even need to point this out but really, where would we be if people's mentality had always been "This sucks, but there's nothing I can do about it?" We'd be living in a significantly less awesome society. I will end by asking, yet again, that you call your representatives and tell them your thoughts on all this. Or keep praying. Whatever, your choice.


It's not all doom and gloom in these parts. For example, I just went on an awesome run! Let's talk about it.

You know how you always call bullshit when incredibly fit people take a week off of running and then claim after their first run back that they've lost all their speed and endurance and feel like a tank? Well, I'm not incredibly fit BY ANY MEANS, but I can confirm that this does actually happen to us ordinary people. Or at least, this ordinary person. Today's four miles felt surprisingly difficult and not at all springy and doe-like as I was expecting.

It was painfully beautiful out but also painfully cold.

I went with that dumb dog of mine to the dog park. Here are some pictures.

I ran two miles yesterday, but prior to that I took a week off. Not one of those breaks where you're still lifting, yoga-ing, and swimming for six hours a day, but a legitimate break. I did nothing. My eating habits were atrocious. I fueled for yesterday's run/hike with a burger and fries for lunch and pizza for dinner. I finally had the courage to weigh myself and, to both my pleasure and disdain, I was exactly at 142, as I always am. Maybe we'll talk about this some other time (probably not), but I have the unique talent of staying at the exact same weight regardless of what I do or eat (within reason). Great for when I'm devouring everything but not so awesome when I really work at it.

I did feel a bit of pain on top of my foot, which was the initial reason for taking last week off (a reason that turned into having a lot of shit to do). I'm not positive, but I think it might have something to do with how confined my foot is when it's cold and I'm wearing a million pairs of socks and my extra small Yaktrax. I may have to venture out without those guys for a few runs to see how it feels but I have to say, once you've seen the Yaktrax light, it's hard to go back. We'll see.

So was I happy enough for you guys today? 


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