Thursday, April 11, 2013

Insightful Norway Observations

Workout: 10 kilometers, god knows what average pace

See how fancy I am now that I'm in Norway? I use kilometers!

So, I totally failed at running this week. By my calculations, I'm about 15 miles behind. Whoops. I did go for a 6-mile walk on Tuesday and I walked around for probably 5 miles after my run today, but that doesn't really count.

I jumped back on the running bandwagon with 6-ish agonizing miles on a treadmill in a hot-as-hell Norwegian gym I paid $15 to use (and that was the discounted hotel guest price!). Why didn't I run outside? Because I didn't bring my goddamn Yaktrax and it's slippery as hell out there. Why didn't I bring them? Because I was too lazy to get them out of my car before leaving to the airport. Yup. I can survive six miles in a sauna but I can't walk 30 feet to a car.

Anyway, I finished my work stuff today so now I get to hang out in Norway. How did I hang out this afternoon/evening? I ran, walked around, then spent $47 on a personal pizza and a single beer. You read that right. Shit's expensive! Also, I live life on the wild side.

Some photos for your enjoyment!

We went dog sledding!

We went dog sledding! Then we drank tea in a(n allegedly) authentic Sami tent.

Did I mention we went dog sledding?!

I was trying to find the infamous Alta river and totally failed. I saw some farm-y land, though.

That's so Vermont.

I was going to tell you these were all different hills that look the same, but I think they might actually all be the same hill.

Some Norway observations:

  • Norwegians are crazy drivers. I don't think they're bad at it, I think they just choose to drive like bats out of hell. As someone who flips out about riding with a good driver, this has been bad for my blood pressure.
  • So. Expensive. But you knew that already.
  • From my (admittedly limited) experience, Norwegians don't seem to make eye contact or say hello when they pass each other on a path or whatever. However, they've been extremely friendly as soon as I've started talking to them.
  • Norwegians speak better English than I do.
  • Despite being at the same latitude as Barrow, Alaska (waaaay north of Anchorage), the weather/snow cover here is identical. Also, they somehow have trees, which don't exist above the Arctic Circle in Alaska.
  • Except for a totally bland fish stew the first night I got here, the food's been fine and not "disgusting" as it has been described to me by some Americans.
Wow, when I started writing that I thought I'd be more insightful than that. I'll add more as I learn more.

Off to Oslo tomorrow!


  1. Dog sledding!!! How COOL!!!! Yeah, Scandanavia in general is REALLY expensive. I spent some time in Sweden a few years ago and was floored by how much stuff cost. Oh well, you only visit once (unless you're lucky)! Hope you get to get outside soon and run! Don't worry as much about your training plan - it will be waiting to beat you back into submission when you get home =)

    Can't wait to hear about Oslo!!

  2. Failing one week at running is good for you. It'll make you relax a little about your plan. Sounds like you got to get some sightseeing in already; enjoy the last of your trip! And yes. Expensive....but, it is what it is, and at least you didn't pay for the plane tickets! :)

  3. Looks like you've been up to some interesting stuff! I had totally forgotten how expensive it is in Norway, but I had a professor who did some research over there and I think I remembered him saying that it was like $15 for a beer. Yikes!