Sunday, December 4, 2011

Williamsburg Bridge (DOMSDOMSDOMS)

Workout: 3 easy miles on the Williamsburg Bridge

HOLY DOMS my thighs hurt this morning from the 'roiding I did on Friday. No joke. Even poking them with my finger is agonizing. I still managed to make it out the door, though, and for that I'm feeling preeeetty good about myself right now.

Feeling good in the same outfit I seem to wear every day.
At least the shirt is right-side out this time.
I don't own a lot of long-sleeve running shirts.

My workout wasn't anything too interesting, 3 slow miles on the Williamsburg Bridge. Williamsburg is sorely lacking in pretty places to run, or maybe (and this is more likely) I just don't know where these pretty places are. Prospect Park isn't practical because it takes me 40 minutes to get there on the G, and running there is really ugly (you pretty much spend the whole time under an underpass or along the BQE-classy). The Bridge is less than a mile away from me so I decided to head over there, because who doesn't like running over bridges? Oh wait, people who feel like this. But it's cool, I didn't actually sh-t myself, and I am nowhere near as strong/awesome as Julie Moss. But you get the idea.

Bridge Ho! I ran on the bicycle path instead of the pedestrian
path because I like to be in people's way.

This picture looks really dumb with those bars covering the scenery, but it was pretty.

When I was done I hit up a coffee place nearby and got an insanely big coffee to accompany my yogurt-fruit-something cluster Special K.

Christmastime has officially arrived in my apartment. We snatched up this sucker for $40.

I know, $40 is a sh-t ton for a tree. But whatever, it's got a tepee on top. One of my roommates randomly had a bag of totally un-PC cowboy and indian (Native American) plastic toys to decorate the tree with. We didn't spring for the noble fir, but this one still smells pretty good when you break a branch in half. My roommate also bought one of those plug-in smelly dealios that reeks of cinnamon, so I pretty much want to sit in our living room until the end of time.

I hit 50 views! And more views are American than Russian, so that's nice. Don't get me wrong, I love Russia and Russians, but it's nice to know that people who actually speak my language are looking at the blog. Huge prize to the first person who comments! And by huge prize I mean kudi (plural). Who am I kidding, that will never happen. Starting a blog is weird. Most people seem to pretend they've had a blog all along and just dive right in. I choose to point out how awkward it is. To each their own!

Anyway, groceries, laundry, calculus homework call. Puke.


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