Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lazy Run Turned Awesome

Workout: 3 very hungover miles on a track

I rarely regret going for a run, and today's 3 miles were no exception. I was feeling a bit... under the weather before the run, and convincing myself to run was a huge struggle. I compromised with myself, however (I'm so accommodating!), and decided I would wear my Merrells

because running in them is way easier than in my other shoes. Note to anyone interested in minimalist running: these are not really minimalist shoes. They're not bad compared to, say, these shoes, but the ground feel is pretty terrible and there's quite a bit of arch support. That said, I feel like I'm floating when I wear these because they make running so effortless.

I also decided I would run around the track near my apartment so I could zone out and run with my eyes closed. No, I'm not kidding; I shut my eyes for about ten steps and then opened them to make sure I was going in a straight line before shutting them again. Like I said, hungover and tired as balls.

Hungover! Tired! Balls!

As soon as I got outside, though, I could tell it was going to be a fast run. I kept it easy and didn't let myself get out of breath, but I felt like I had speed lines streaming out behind me. I checked my phone a few minutes later and saw I was running sub-9:00 miles and still felt like I was hardly working at all. A normal easy-run pace for me is around 10:00 or 10:15. It was awesome. My average pace ended up being 8:57. I didn't realize I would be that much faster in my Merrels. Makes it tempting to train in them more often, although then I'd lose all the speed benefits of training my Run Amocs (plus running in those is so much fun!). I'll probably end up racing in them, though. That would be an easy way to knock a few minutes off my time.

Running on a track is about as exciting as watching paint dry, but it wasn't too bad tonight. The apartments on one side of the track are so nice.

Every time I passed them I tried to think of how to find a guy who makes enough money to buy me one of those. Never mind the fact that I don't like New York all that much; those apartments are nice.

There was a soccer game going on, which was nice to watch, although as I mentioned, I spent much of the run with my eyes shut.

The three miles went by in a jiffy and I walked home as a sort of cool-down. Not that you really need a cool-down after a workout like that, but the weather was absolutely beautiful today and I wanted to enjoy it a bit longer. Plus, I knew I had calculus homework waiting for me at home, so I was not eager to get back. Little did I know (well, not really-I knew), I wasn't going to do calc when I got home. Instead I'm writing about my magnificent run. Homework can wait. The masses must know every intimate detail about my run! Speaking of readership, I have almost 100 views now. I'm pretty sure most of them are from some spam advertising website. I'll take it!

Royale on the LES has the best burgers I've ever tasted. A Royale with bleu cheese (emphasis on the bleeeeu) and bacon will make you piss yourself with joy.


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