Saturday, December 10, 2011

Santacon Fail

Workout: 9 miles in Central Park

It's a glorious day, I have a computer charger again! Took long enough. Although now I don't have an excuse for doing my calculus homework. UGH. But that's what Sunday's for, right?

Anyway, I ran nine spectacular miles this morning in Central Park. Major Santacon fail, though. My friend told me it was in Central Park (pretty sure it was last year?), but the whole hour and a half I was there I didn't see a single Santa. Turns out it's down by the seaport? Meh. Even without the Santa clusterf-ck, it was a nice view. Weather was great today! I was too bundled up when I set off, but I took off my outer layer and was fine.

I did a loop around the driveway that goes around the whole park. Not sure what that's called... East/West Drive? Remember all that stuff I said about the North woods not being that hilly? Well, I still stand by that statement, although I will say that nine miles on those hills was kind of hard. I was also running at about a 9:45 pace, which is reasonably fast for me. Then I went to the Mac store!

Okay, need to cut this one short-I just decided to go see Twilight. Omg puke gross. But actually, I love Twilight. Not the movies, but whatever. I owned a life-size Edward Cullen senior year in college. Of course it ended up with a dart through its head and being ripped to pieces, but I paid $40 for that sucker. Anyway, I'm out of here.
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