Monday, December 24, 2012

Pre-Christmas Post-Christmas Depression

Workout: cutting massive chunks of meat

My Christmas Eve has been perfect, and like I said yesterday, I'm already depressed I have to wait a whole year before I get another one. Why was I such a jaded asshole about being slammed with Christmas spirit on November 1? Why wasn't I soaking it up?!

My day started with four hours of sausage making. You read that right. Anyone who's known me for more than 5 minutes can tell you that sausage is my favorite thing ever. I was meat sweating HARD this morning. We made ninety pounds of sausage. Ninety pounds. Also, it's impossible to make sausage without using the most sexually suggestive language ever. So much cranking, stuffing, thrusting, twisting, pulling, etc. It made this immature gal giggle.

My day's only gotten better since then, and I'm looking forward to a wholesome evening with my folks. That and my neighbors' annual awkward Christmas Eve party. Every time I go to this thing I'm told "You're going to have so much fun, there's a group of college kids here so you'll have loads to talk about!" Because the shared experience of having attended an institution of higher learning at some point in the past means you have so many things in common. These kids are always from, like, North Dakota too, so, well, there's that.

Happy Holidays from this Alaskan jogger.