Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sabotage Fail

Workout: 5 miles at 10:11 pace (but actually faster)

So, apparently my desire to exercise is stronger than, well, a lot of things. Having a towel to dry off with post-shower, for example. Homework. Talking to a professor about grad school (so basically, MY LIFE).

This morning, I attempted to sabotage any plans to run between classes by DELIBERATELY not bringing a towel with me to school. The logic is flawless: no towel = no shower = no run. Well, I conveniently forgot that I don't really need a towel to take a shower. All I really need is a handful of paper towels. Oh, it's uncomfortable, extremely so, but still possible. I had been planning to run after work, but by the time my first class ended, all I could think about was running, so that's what I did. No willpower whatsoever.

Whenever I drive to school, I'm pissed that I'm that paranoid driver who cannot handle taking her eyes of the road even for a second. A safe driver, if you will. Therefore, I decided I needed to run along this road so I could check out what I've been missing once and for all. It was quite nice, actually, despite the fact that I was basically running next to a highway. Let's take a look!

There are bunches of cars right behind me, but you can't tell by this picture, can you?


This is where the moose hang

I was surprisingly speedy on this run. My stats may beg to differ,

but each of miles 1-4 includes some sort of obstacle that held me up for, like 45 seconds. Initially, I hit THE LONGEST STOPLIGHT EVER. Actually, it was the scene of this heinous crime, so I had a full minute to reminisce and get hopped up on adrenaline (that's sarcasm) before I moved on. The other miles are slower mostly due to me taking pictures. Hey, I have no readers, I NEED these! Sacrifices sometimes have to be made in the name of blogging.

So yeah, I'm guessing my average was more like 9:30, which isn't bad considering I was deliberately keeping it slow. And when I finished, I seriously felt like I hadn't done anything. I guess that's a good sign? It would be better if my shins weren't assholes. Like, what's up with that? How is it I've never had shin splints in my life and now I have them (it?) from running less than 15 miles a week? Amateur hour.


  1. Great pictures! Even if it did cut into your running time! I've had a few issues with some sore shins too from jumping rope. Weird!

    1. Thanks! Your pictures are always amazing, so coming from you that definitely means something!