Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Flattop Redemption

Workout: Flattop-conquered! With Bailey in tow.

Another magical day. I don't know what's up with this weather but I'm down.

This makes, like, six days of sun. IN A ROW. That doesn't happen in Alaska. Oh, how's the five-day forecast looking, you ask? SEE FOR YOURSELF:

Sunny for miles

Incredible. I was sitting in class just itching to get outside, and once we got let out I flew to my car, stopped by my house, picked up that lovable mutt of mine (she's not a mutt, she's a golden retriever), and hauled ass up to Flattop.

I was actually kind of tired so was planning to take it easy, but the lure of that seductive Siren (Flattop, duh) was too strong. I was wearing my Pace Gloves, which aren't totally ideal for steep snow hiking, but I made a deal with myself to keep moving until shit got slippery, at which point I'd turn around. Fortunately, that never happened! Today's conditions were a complete 180 from last week's attempt. There's still snow, but it's been packed down and there are tons of footprints to walk in.

In no time, we were at the top! We said hi to the welcome stick

Welcome stick

and moseyed around the top for a while. Bailey was in paradise, and I was feeling pretty swell myself. Oh, you want a couple more photos? Can do, my friends!

These are two similar photos but it's okay because I used different filters, thus creating the illusion of two entirely different scenes. Plus, in this one you get Bailey's ass. A win for all!

We hung out up top for fifteen minutes or so before heading down. Bailey did a super job descending.

She was so much faster than me, in fact, that she felt the need to chew on this stick for long periods of time just to show me SHE HAD THE TIME TO DO SO.

After a quick 'n easy descent and a quick photo of these cool ice crystals,

we were at the parking lot and our job was done. And by job I mean playtime.


A friendly PSA: go out and vote early if your state allows it! There are tons of reasons for doing it early: they've still got all their candy; the volunteers aren't pissed off yet; you don't have to nod politely as someone with totally opposite political views goes on at length about who they're voting for; you can make sure there's not something up with your voting eligibility (or whatever); and, most importantly, this sticker:

Who'd I vote for? The better candidate. Duh.


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