Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Random Shit Tuesday

Workout: 3 miles around UAA's track

Welcome back to another edition of Random Shit Tuesday, where I tell you what's on this broad's mind.

  • I decided to post pictures of Anchorage-y things on days I don't have a lot of photos to share. What qualifies as Anchorage-y? That's up to me. It could be mountains, it could be a moose, it could be a prostitute getting into a minivan (which, for whatever reason, is a thing). Today we get an adorable boat downtown.

  • In case the recent snow wasn't obvious enough, there are a couple other things signaling the changing season. Number one: it's getting dark in the mornings. How dark?
THIS DARK. Bet you're glad I XL'd this one. And no, it's not instagrammed.
I spared you this one time.

This was taken on my morning walk with Bailey. It was 7:30 a.m. Was it actually this dark? Well, no, not really. This is just what my iPhone saw. But it's really fucking dark at that hour. I wouldn't be too worried, only it's come to my attention that Bailey is the least effective human protector on this planet. Guess it's time to spring for a flashlight.

Number two, I've had to resort to scraping ice off my windows with an expired credit card in the morning, open condom style. Word's still out on when I'm going to buy an ice scraper.

  • This morning while on my way to school I watched the slowest car accident ever. I couldn't look away. I was at a stoplight and the woman one lane over backed up a bit. Then, she backed up a bit more. I was staring at her in disbelief as the dude behind her honked and honked while she looked straight ahead and continued to back up. Obviously, she hit the guy. When she got out of her car, I saw she had dead eyes and didn't seem all there. This woman should not be on the road. I'm one to talk, though, because as I drove off with a smug look of superiority on my face, I switched lanes and almost hit someone. Looks like karma was trying to tell me to SIT DOWN.

  • Like I said up top, I ran today. Three miles around UAA's ice rink. I know that place is a shithole, but in some sick twisted way, I like it. I did a slow mile in the Pace Gloves and an additional two barefoot, with an average of about 9:45/mile. It seems I'm quite the circus freak because by the time I was done there were no fewer than four people staring down at me. Whatever, those last two miles felt damn good. The best part about running around an ice rink is not getting sweaty. I sweat a lot. This came in handy, actually, when I found out what I forgot this time-my towel. Forgetting things seems to be a sort of a reoccurring theme, and not having my towel kind of blew. I took a shower-ish, attempted to dry myself with some paper towels, and called it a day.

  • On a similar note, is it just me or do many runners seem to have impeccable hygiene/clothes/makeup? How do these people have time to both work out and spend a million hours grooming themselves? I feel like even dousing myself in water before dashing off to wherever is a huge accomplishment, never mind drying everything properly (see above) and covering it all with magic skin paint. I live in the alleged worst dressed city in America, yet these people look fresh off the streets of New York! Hell, I couldn't hope to be that put together when I lived there. I mean absolutely no offense to these people (what do you mean by these people?!, someone will inevitably think), I'm simply in awe.

  • It's been a veritable comment bonanza over here at JJ-o (my evil hope is that an unsuspecting soul trying to find the masterful podcast JJ Go will stumble upon this blog instead. Anything for a buck view). Mary got the ball rolling and was soon accompanied by none other than blogger extraordinaire RoseRunner. To say I'm a fucking creep for being TOO EXCITED about receiving these comments is most certainly an understatement, but I imagine blogging is more fun when you've got folks reading along.

We'll conclude today's thoughts with another picture:

Happy Tuesday!