Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Round-Up & Weekend Plans

Workout: jack shit

And so we conclude a 6-day exercise streak. I figure I'll summarize my workouts on Friday from now on because I have nothing else movement-related to talk about.

Saturday: All day hike in Eagle River
Sunday: To the dog park! Three jogged miles
Monday: Five slow, moose-disrupted jogged miles on Powerline
Tuesday: Three jogged miles around an ice rink
Wednesday: Showed Flattop who's boss
Thursday: Five miles along a surprisingly scenic road

Total: 16 miles jogged, plus an additional 9+ hours hiking

Not bad. The running's still pitiful, but I'm happy with the overall time.


So what's my outdoor calendar look like for this weekend? Well, tomorrow I'm going here with my dad, where I plan to take pictures nowhere near as nice as that one. It won't be as intense as last weekend's hike as we won't be summiting anything, but those views don't suck.

I've got a new story for the ongoing "is my dog dumb?" chronicles.

This is my parents' fault-I hadn't moved back yet

Usually when I'm in my room doing homework (read: blog stalking), I've got my door cracked a bit. Bailey derives immense joy from figuring out I'm nearby, rushing down the stairs, and bombing through the door into my room. I don't know what she's expecting to find in there (a mountain of bones! All the toys she can fit in her mouth! Infinite walks!), but each time she comes bursting in with the same unbridled enthusiasm. This routine works flawlessly when the door's open. However... you already know where this is going. Tonight, I could hear her coming, looked over, reached out, and before I had a chance to, you know, open the door with my thoughts, heard her crashing into it. When I opened the door, I don't think she knew it had happened. Such is the life of Bailey.

Here's today's Anchorage-y photo:

This is on the wall outside of Anchorage's hippest running store. Basically, if you don't shop there, you're fat and slow (this, obviously, fully explains my running).


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