Monday, June 10, 2013

Blog Shame

Workout: 9 HOT miles with 6 x 1 mile (9:30), Pace Gloves

SO MUCH HEAT. I ran in it. At times, I felt horrendous, but for the most part I was just fine. No matter how hot it gets here, I know it could be worse. So much worse. I could be anywhere east of the Mississip, for example. Or in Singapore.

I still obsessively check New York's weather and every time I do, I have a flashback of the time I had a 104+ degree fever for five days straight in the middle of July when it was 102 degrees outside. I'm not even kidding; I peaked at 105.2, went to the ER and WASN'T GIVEN ANY ANTIBIOTICS so had to suffer for another three days before going elsewhere and getting what I needed (yet another reason I don't trust doctors). And I also think back to how I took a cab to go get those antibiotics but was dropped off ten streets south of where I needed to be so had to sprint to make it to my appointment on time. With a 104-degree fever, IN 102-DEGREE WEATHER. I have never been so miserable in my life. The only calories I could keep down was Gatorade, which I haven't touched since.

What's my point? I don't even know. I just thought I should talk about the glory days for a minute. I also wanted to bring attention to the fact that Anchorage gets hot. I occasionally read on the interblogs that, for example, it's only been over 70 degrees a handful of times in the last 5 years. I call total and complete bullshit. If someone tells you that, they're probably trying to sell you a bridge (or a fur-lined parka). These people are needlessly "othering" Alaska and fishing for "I don't know how you can possibly live there! That's so crazy omgggggg!" comments from their readers. It's frustrating. Alaska is interesting enough without lies about its climate.

On that note, it's supposed to be sunny with highs in the 70s for the next 10 days. Aye. Let's hope it suns itself out before race day because I'd like sunny, 45-degree perfection, please.

Despite the heat, today's run went pretty well. Also, I've only got one hard run left and then I'm freeeee! Well, freeeee! except for the marathon.

I think my extra hill efforts are paying off. I'm still terrified to run downhill but I'm slightly more relaxed about it than I was. Also, I ran part of the marathon course that nearly killed me a few weeks ago and found it to be significantly easier. Who would have thought that running hills would make running them easier?


So I started freaking out today that people I know in real life are going to find out about this blog. A few people have looked up the blog by name (yes, I can see that, muahahaha), which on the one hand warms my heart because gee, thanks, but on the other hand makes me want to die because I'm afraid my one blog-reading friend stumbled upon it and has been telling others about it. I do not have blog-friendly friends. Having them find out about this thing is literally my worst nightmare. It's something I struggle with: wanting strangers to read this thing (because, let's face it, it's way more fun to write things if you know people might actually read them) but fearing the day a friend sees it and thinks, "What. The. F*ck. When did Jean become such a freak about running?" Because even my closest friends don't know how into it I am (part of the reason I have this thing in the first place-to spew running-related things at people who won't fall asleep while hearing about it).

You might argue that my friends are assholes if they'd make fun of me for this thing, but the truth is, I'D make fun of someone for having a blog. And I have. Not any of your blogs, of course, because I don't know you. Your blogs are all delightful. It's when I know the person that it suddenly becomes ridiculous. It doesn't make any sense to me either.

So if someone I know in real life ever sees this thing, please have mercy.


  • Do other people know you have a blog? Do they make fun of you for it? Are you ever ashamed, or is it just me?
  • Do people ever say things about your place of residence that are totally false?


  1. I don't find it at all weird to know the blog, and the person. I have some "real life" friends who started blogs, which I read and enjoy. I have also been lucky enough to turn a few "blog" friends into "real life" friends, too. And I do tell people I know that I have a blog (I even link to it on FB sometimes), especially since they are often asking about Singapore, life here, etc. etc. It's efficient, at least.

    But I do solemnly, solemnly, pinky swear that if I ever go to Alaska, I won't tell you. And I DEFINITELY won't try to find you. Same goes for Eugene. We shall never, ever meet in real life. I know there's no danger of you coming to Singapore, so we're all set on that front.

    "Singapore?? Isn't that where they cane people for chewing gum?!?!"

    The truth: "Singapore! Where you can get fined for selling gum, or spitting your imported gum out in the subway. Or you could get caned for vandalism. But basically, act in a way that would make your parents proud, and you'll be juuuuuust fine."

    1. Ahaha, Holly, that is so very kind of you. I didn't explain myself clearly, though. I am embarrassed for people I know only in "real life," who know nothing about this thing, to find out about it. If the person already KNOWS I have a blog and is cool with it, it's no biggie (this hasn't actually happened but I'm 99% sure I'd be cool with it). So if you ever find yourself in my area, dial me right up! Or, you know, comment or whatever.

  2. Hmm, I feel you on this front. I don't share my blog with EVERYONE, but my close friends read and follow it as do certain family members. However, I don't link it to FB because I don't need EVERYONE reading it and I don't want people like coworkers to read it. However, you should be proud of your blog! It's not like your blog is dedicated to kinky foot fetishes or babes with guns-- that would be kind of weird. However, you're running a MARATHON! And you're right, it's hard to find friends and people that WANT to hear about your running and blogging is the place to do it! Also, your blog is proud!

    And unlike Holly, if I come to Alaska or Eugene I'm totally looking you up. Just to freak you out ;-)

    1. Ah, it seems you haven't discovered my "kinky foot fetish" tab yet... but you're right, I shouldn't be embarrassed about it but I just am, mostly because running seems so silly to most people.

  3. I remain secretive about my blog for the most part, but I am not going to die if anyone finds out. I find that people who don't normally read blogs won't read a friend's blog unless it is in their face (i.e. like Holly mentioned posting links on fb). It just shows that you are diligent and intelligent and can organize your thoughts coherently!

    1. Why thank you! Maybe someday when I'm a famous blogger and am drowning in book deals and sponsors, I'll tell people I know about it. But until then, no way!

  4. No one knows I have a blog other than my parents and husband! I ran in the heat yesterday too. 100degree running is not fun!

    1. Ahhhh! I'm sweating just reading that! Stay strong.