Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Too Many Clothes, No Mattress


I'm ridiculous. For the longest time, I hated stores like Lululemon. I thought that only people who never actually worked out shopped there, and I thought it was more hardcore to run in a cotton t-shirt. Turns out I'm a huge idiot. The day I first tried on one of their shirts, I felt like I had found my soulmate (if that were legal, of course), and now there's no turning back. Seriously. I've pretty much abandoned all my other shirts, which is gross considering that until tonight I only had two Lulu (short for Lululemon?) shirts. The same shirt, actually. Two different colors. Because when I like something, I really like something. But it's that fabric, luon. It is heavenly. It's like I don't sweat when I wear them, and I'm a huge sweater. Huge. They were a godsend this summer in the revolting New York heat. Like, the only thing keeping me from packing up and moving back to Alaska. I hate hot weather. This is why New York and I don't always get along.

But I digress. I've been wanting to go back to the store for a while now to check out what the Lulu gods have been making me, so I went after hitting up my work's gym. I tried on a bunch of cute stuff, but all of their shirts are so long. I've got a short torso, but jesus. I managed to find a shirt on sale, though, which I like because it's (drumroll) luon, a bit baggy (I seem to sweat less when it hangs off me), and short enough. I also bought some kickass spandex shorts. A great purchase now that winter is coming (that's sarcasm!). I'm a huge fan-they've got a nice waist-band thing that makes me look like I don't have love handles.

I have a problem-here I am buying workout clothes, but I don't even have a mattress. I've been sleeping on the floor, monk-style. I wish I could say there was some noble reason for it, but there's not. I got rid of my last mattress when I moved and haven't bothered to get a new one yet. But who cares, I feel like I'm wrapped in heaven right now. And yes, I'm still wearing them. And I'll be wearing them tomorrow morning for my run. Well, maybe not the spandex. It is 46 degrees, after all. I'm not that crazy...


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